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Oscar beauty roundup: Our 6 fave looks

Wanna snag the best hair and beauty looks right off of the red carpet? There’s no denying that everyone looked gorgeous Sunday night at the Oscars, and we can’t help choosing our top faves. DIY your own looks with our tips: From cat eyes to chic updos, you’re bound to be the most glam girl at the party!

We loved: Emma’s modern cat-eye

You’ll need a steady hand to recreate Emma Stone’s 60s-inspired cat eye, but it’s a look worth practicing!


Snag the look: Use a dark black eyeliner (liquid works best) to line your top eyelids, starting from the inner corners. As you reach the outer part of your eye, begin curving the line upwards—just don’t let it go past the end of your eyebrows!

We loved: Rooney’s bold brows

Go for bold by making your brows and lips stand out, like Rooney Mara.

Snag the look: Shape up your brows (but keep ‘em thick!) and fill in any spots with a dark eyebrow pencil. Choose a matte red lipstick to contrast bold brows while keeping the rest of your makeup simple.

We loved: Miley goes retro

We heart a classic old Hollywood glam look—between the faux bob and the bright red lip, what’s not to love?

Snag the look: For sophisticated hair and makeup that’ll never go out of style, try a side part with curls. Got longer tresses? No problem! Transform your locks into a faux bob by curling your hair then pinning it under at the nape of your neck. Don’t forget the lipstick and the carefully lined eyes, but skip the blush and bronzer.

We loved: Bérénice’s Très-French braid

Though it may look difficult, Bérénice Bejo’s braid and loop ponytail updo is one that you can easily steal.

Snag the look: Begin by creating a deep side part and separating your hair into two sections. Create a French braid starting at the top of your head and continuing straight back along the front hairline. Secure the braid with a hair tie, and then pull both sections into a ponytail. Using bobby pins, make a loop with the ponytail and pull part of your hair through.

We loved: Shailene goes chic and classic

Shailene Woodley’s chic chignon is crazy elegant and lucky for you, easy to copy!

Snag the look: Pull all of your hair back into a tight ponytail. Twist your luscious locks around your hair tie and keep it in place with bobby pins. Smooth down any flyaways with an anti-frizz cream for a sleek style.

We loved: Michelle’s precious pout

Instead of being matchy-matchy, Michelle Williams wowed us with bright pink lips and an overall adorable look in her coral dress.

Snag the look: Make your lips pop by choosing a presh pink hue. Apply a clear gloss on top for an added sheen. Simple hair and jewelry adds the perf touch--let your pucker be the focus of attention!


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A subtle, bronzy eye goes great with newly developing tans! If you’re getting bored of black eyeliner, play around with an electric blue liner to make your eyes the center of attention.

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