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Songs to boost up Hunger Games tributes

Death is the consequence for being a loser in the Hunger Games. With stakes that high, the tributes need all the help they can get to win the Games. Music has the capability to really pump people up and to improve their mood. So as the one-week marker for the world theatrical premiere of The Hunger Games finally hits, check out the playlist we made for the tributes…or anyone else who wants to fight (figuratively) like them!

“Freak Out” – Avril Lavigne

Be independent, strong, and stand up for yourself. That’s what this song tells you to do, and that’s what you’d need to do for a chance of being the Hunger Games victor.

Catch the tune here!

“One Step At A Time” – Jordin Sparks

Let this song be your guide and don’t rush your winning strategy. Start slow, but strong and let others fail first. You can win if you just take it a little bit at a time.

Catch the tune here!

“Stronger” – Kanye West

Realize that small failures only make you stronger and more capable in the long haul. Learn from your mistakes and build up your power. The beat alone from this song will make you feel more powerful.

Catch the tune here!

“Keep on Keepin’ On” – JoJo

Never give up. Just keep pushing forward and believe that you can do whatever you put your mind to.

Catch the tune here!

“The Fighter” – Gym Class Heroes feat. Ryan Tedder

Fight until you have nothing left to fight with, and even then keep fighting. Your life is on the line here, literally. Never give in to the strength of others, because you’re stronger as long as you keep fighting.

Catch the tune here!

“Headstrong” – Trapt

Don’t let negative thoughts get in the way of being the winning tribute. Build up a strong mentality that can defeat anyone else’s mentality. The Hunger Games is very much a mental game, meaning you can win even if you aren’t physically the strongest.

Catch the tune here!

“Stronger” – Britney Spears

Who cares what happened or how you felt yesterday? Today is a new day. Forget the haters and prove them wrong. You can win, even if it’s simply to spite all the people who said you couldn’t.

Catch the tune here!

“I Made It” – Jennifer Chung

Always remember that, in the end, you’ll be able to scream at the top of your lungs, “I made it!” There is no greater feeling in life than being able to show others how brave and wonderful you are. It’s also an amazing feeling to be able to prove it to yourself as well.

Catch the tune here!

What song would you pick to pump you up if you were a Hunger Games tribute? Blog about it, babes.

BY RACHAEL ELLENBOGEN ON 3/16/2012 12:00:00 AM

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