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It's PLL's "A Day": Who's it gonna be?

The moment we’ve been w-A-iting for is almost here! Today is what Pretty Little Liars fans around the country are calling “A Day.” Yep, tonight “A” will finally be revealed!

Backstabbing, scheming, stealing and lots of lying have brought us to tonight’s episode. So how will the girls of Rosewood finally uncover the true identity (or identities!) of A? We have no clue, but we can’t wait until tonight to find out.

All throughout the series, we have been following the clue and trying to figure out on our own who the heck A could possibly be. And we’ve narrowed down to five potentials. Check out our guesses and tune in with us tonight for Pretty Little Liars’ season finale at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family.


This is probably the most obvious guess out there, but still. Is it her? She hates the girls and she hated Ali. And she has that evil smirk every time the camera shows her! Jenna goes after whatever she wants: Toby, Garrett, and then Noel. She can make them do whatever she wants, and has been making them do a lot of her dirty work.


He was bullied by Alison (well, who wasn’t??), but he is friends with Emily, Aria, Spencer and Hannah. Or so we think. Everyone on PLL is secretive and has a hint of scariness in them. Lucas seems all sweet, maybe a little crazy in love with Hannah at times.


Could it be that Ali never really died? We found out she was being blackmailed too, but maybe that inspired her to be a blackmailer. There are so many flashbacks of Ali, so maybe the show’s creators are trying to tell us something. There are clues about A everywhere you look, but one thing’s for sure: A knows absolutely everything! And some of those things are things the girls thought only Ali knows.


Plain and simple, this guy freaks everyone out. He may be good-looking, smooth and sly, but those are the exact reasons we can’t bring ourselves to trust him. Noel gives evil glares and scary warnings to the girls all the time. Oh, and how could anyone forget the fact that he is with Jenna? He’s always in the shadows and is forgotten about sometimes. The perfect scenario to be a crazy stalker, no?


Emily’s love. The girl who moved into Ali’s house. The girl who gets mysterious text messages. The one who went missing. Maya has trouble surrounding her, or maybe she is the one who creates it. Maya could be pulling all the strings in this twisted little game.

There are so many other characters that A could be. Hey, maybe every character is A. Well, come 8 p.m. tonight on ABC Family, everyone will know exactly who A is!

Who do you think A is? Are you going to be watching tonight’s big reveal? Blog about it, babes.

BY RACHAEL ELLENBOGEN ON 3/19/2012 12:00:00 AM

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