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Snag our favorite Kids Choice Awards looks

Besides the wonderful musical performances (ahem, One Direction anyone?!), the gross-but-funny sliming and the awesome Will Smith as host, the 2012 KCAs last week had something else that made for an amazing awards show: The spot-on, stylish orange (yes, orange) carpet outfits from our fave celebs.


OK, so you probably aren’t heading to an awards show any time soon, but since it’s Easter, what better time to whip out your very best—or at least daydream about the perfect getup for your next family gathering. Here are a few star-stolen looks we’re craving right now…


Taylor Swift

This girl never ever gets it wrong when walking the carpet. Her look is simple and sweet.


Taylor’s dress may be a bit too fancy depending on your event, but this frock from Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s line is just the right mix of casual and dressy.



Olsenboye Crochet Halter Lace Dress, $30, jcpenney.com



Victoria Justice

Once again, she is victorious at choosing a stand-out look. Victoria turns the boring pantsuit into a fun, bright blazer-and-short combo.


Not ready to stand out that much? Choose this light pink lace blazer, which is a bit softer than the bright coral of Victoria’s look.


Bow-Trim Lace Blazer, $39.99, charlotterusse.com


With such a statement piece like the blazer, you really don’t want much for the shirt underneath. A basic white tank will keep the look from going crazy.


The "Rachel" Racerback Tank, $8.50, charlotterusse.com


And you don’t need to wear suit bottoms like Victoria to make your look and unique. Simply ditch the blue jeans and swap with a pair of coral shorts for that added color and originality.


Raw-Hem Coral Denim Short, $19.99, charlotterusse.com



Ashley Tisdale

Next to the eye-catching pink in her hair, Ashley makes the audience stare with her pink maxi dress cinched at the waist.


For your look, pick a dress with the same bright pink hue and definitely cinch it at the waist with a belt to show off your girly figure.


Jacquard Chiffon Peasant Dress, $29.80, forever21.com




Ariana Grande

You can see her coming from a mile away with her beautiful, red hair. And with this cute yellow, sweetheart-style dress, you’ll want to look at Ariana the entire mile she’s walking to you!


While Ariana’s dress style is more for a school dance than for a family gathering, you’d be wise to steal the pastel yellow from her dress, which totally screams spring. Add the belt and the lace, and you’ve got yourself one awesome look.


Fit & Flare Lace Dress, $22.80, forever21.com

Which star outfit do you heart the most for spring? Blog about it, babes.


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