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Good Luck Charlie's new season is bringing the laughs


The Duncan Family has made you laugh and cry, but mostly laugh, and now season three is almost here. With promises of more sibling rivalry and sibling love, along with more crazy hijinks, hilarious scenarios and new relationships, this season is sure to be the best yet. So why are we so eager for the new season, which kicks off this Sunday, May 6, at 8 p.m. ET/PT? Read on to find out…


Baby Duncan will be born and the name will be revealed!

More than 25 million votes were received on the Disney Channel website to decide the name of the new Duncan baby! And during the premiere episode, we’ll finally get to find out the winner. Plus, a new baby equals new drama, especially for Charlie who is no longer the baby in the family. How will she ever adjust to not being the youngest?


Teddy and Spencer are back together, but how long this second chance last?

Spencer was a huge jerk and cheated on Teddy, but towards the end of last season, Teddy decided to give Spencer another chance! Besides dealing with trust issues, Teddy is also gonna have to deal with the fact that all the kids in her school think she is a bad luck charm on Spencer.


Amy Duncan becomes a nurse at Gabe’s school. Uh oh!

She’s on maternity leave when she decides to just up and quit her job all together, then decides to start a blog about being a mom. Oh yea, and then takes a job as a nurse at Gabe’s school. Sounds like a midlife crisis, Mama Duncan! How will Gabe handle having his mommy as the school nurse? We suspect lots of embarrassing moments for sure.


PJ prepares to transition from high school to college.

PJ is in his senior year of high school and is getting ready to graduate and move on to his local college. With PJ being PJ, something is bound to go wrong in that plan. Hilarity is sure to ensue in every episode as we watch him try to be mature and move forward in his life. Think he’ll succeed?


Teddy tries to tackle her new role on the volleyball team, while still juggling school and work.

The life of a teenage girl is never easy! Teddy has to handle a job, school, a boyfriend and a sport. How long will it take before she completely breaks down?! The volleyball team is sure to bring Teddy new friends and new experiences, which translates to awesome new Good Luck Charlie episodes for us!


You’re not gonna want to miss a single episode of season three, so make sure to tune in to the Good Luck Charlie premiere on Disney Channel May 6. Then come back and let us know your thoughts.


Who’s your fave Good Luck Charlie character? Did you vote for the Duncan baby’s name? Blog about it, babes.



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