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GL's dream 1D collaborations

The songs sung by the cuties of One Direction alone are amazing. Which is why they have sold out a ton of tour dates, had a No. 1 debut album and are about to release their Up All Night: The Live Tour DVD this Tuesday, May 29.


Packed with live versions of our fave 1D songs, the DVD will give that front row concert experience for those not lucky enough to be in the audience for one of the boys’ upcoming summer shows.


But before this Directioner must-have is available for purchase, we started thinking about some future One Direction collaborations. Musical collabs always get our hearts racing, especially when they include cute boy bands! So which artists do we think would make some interestingly amazing music with our boys, 1D? Find out below!


One Direction and…


…Kelly Clarkson

There isn’t a song Kelly does that isn’t beautiful. She has more talent than anyone should have! If this Idol brought her amazing voice to a 1D track, we think it would simply be magical.


… Drake

One Direction songs are pretty sugary sweet, which is totally fine! But sometimes you need to mix it up a bit. Drake’s rapping and wonderfulness could up the swag in a 1D song.


…Demi Lovato

When Demi is featured on a song (remember her duets with We The Kings and with Hot Chelle Rae?), the tune becomes golden. She brings her emotion and strength everywhere she goes. How could a song not benefit from such enthusiasm? 


…Big Time Rush

OK, they’ve been on tour together and that was great. But we want more! We want a boy band collab of BTR and 1D, the way Backstreet Boys and New Kids on the Block did it. Think: Double the hotness, double the sweetness. Ahhh.



She sure is a hit maker. And every single Rihanna comes out with reaches the top of the charts. It would be cool to see her step out of her box and do a collab with 1D. We wonder what kind of sound they’d create together.


…David Guetta

One Direction songs are more stripped down than most of the other jams out there right now, which makes us super happy! But sometimes it’s nice to switch things up. David Guetta is known for his crazy DJing and awesome beats. If you combined his skills with One Directions, well, awesomeness, that would be one dance song we promise we’d never stop playing. 


Be sure to pick up Up All Night: The Live Tour DVD when it releases May 29! Catch a sneak peek at the DVD below…



Which One Direction collaboration would you love to hear? Blog about it, babes.

BY RACHAEL ELLENBOGEN ON 5/27/2012 12:00:00 AM

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