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Keke Palmer shares behind-the-scenes Rags deets

Nickelodeon’s True Jackson, V.P. may have ended, but Keke Palmer’s career sure hasn’t! She is starring in Nickelodeon’s new movie Rags, premiering this Monday, May 28, at 8 p.m. ET/PT. And not only is she starring in the film, she was the film’s producer, too.


This flick revolves around Kadee (Keke Palmer), an international singing sensation. She wants to start making her own decisions with her career, but it’s hard. The movie also centers on Charlie (Max Schneider), an orphan who dreams about becoming a singer. The storyline is a new take on the Cinderella (or should we say, Cinderfella) fairy tale. And we’re excited for all of you to check it out!


Still not sure if ya feel like watchin’? Check out these other reasons why you should check out Nickelodeon’s latest original movie—and the inside scoop we got Keke to share with us…


1. It has the cutest boys ever–Max Schneider, Avan Jogia, Drake Bell and Burkely Duffield

The cutest boys around have come together into one movie. Once you start watching, you’ll never be able to take your eyes off the TV screen. “Max is such a perfectionist,” Keke shares of her cute co-star. “I’m a perfectionist too, but I think he may have me beat.”


2. The original music is amazing

There are nine original songs in the flick. Plus, an extra three tracks on the movie’s soundtrack (out now!). Every actor in this movie has an amazing voice, especially the leads! Which song should you look out for most? “You and Me Against the World.” “It’s a duet Max and I do,” Keke tells us. “It’s one of my favorites.”


3. The love story between Keke Palmer’s character and Max Schneider’s character is so sweet

Who can resist a teen love story? No one! So, don’t even bother trying. “Kadee’s pretty much the young girl who happens to be a pop sensation, but she’s doing music that doesn’t really explain who she is,” Keke tells us of the plot. “So throughout the movie, she’s pretty much trying to show people who she really is and, in doing so, finds Charlie, who’s trying to do the same thing.”


4. The outfits Keke Palmer’s character, Kadee, rocks are absolutely to die for

Since she is an international star and her dad owns a record label, she obviously has the most amazing clothes in the world! This movie is worth watching for the great fashion alone. Which were Keke’s picks? “These white baggy pants and these nice little heels. They were amazing!”


5. The musical performances will be so much fun

The choreographer for this movie, Rosero McCoy, choreographed ABDC, Step Up and Shake It Up, so you know he’s got the talent to make the dance numbers in this flick fantastic!


Get plenty of zzz’s this Memorial weekend so you can have your rested eyes peeled on the TV screen for the Rags premiere this Monday night!


Are you looking forward to this new Keke Palmer movie? What do you look for in a Prince Charming? Blog about it, babes.


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