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5 sunscreen myths--busted!

Mom always rags on you about slathering on the sunblock. Then you hear “facts” from your peeps about avoiding sunburn, but you don’t know where they got their info. So what should you believe about that gooey summer staple? The American Melanoma Foundation dishes the truth:



Myth 1: You need to apply sunscreen every time you step outside.

Twenty minutes of sun exposure is good for your skin. It gives your bod time to soak up the rays it needs to make Vitamin D. Just remember that you’re usually in the great outdoors for at least twenty minutes when you’re walking to the bus, your BFF’s house or the pool. So if you plan on staying out there, keep some sunscreen on hand and use it.


Myth 2: Sunscreen and makeup don’t mix.

You can actually lather on the sunblock before prettying yourself up with some makeup, and both products will work just fine. It’s prob best to use a light or oil-free sunscreen if you’re gonna apply makeup after. You can also shop around for some foundations and concealers that contain sunblock, though adding a sunblock base is best for maximum protection.


Myth 3: Clouds protect your fair beauty from the sun.

Every day is a sunscreen day. Even cloudy ones can leave ya lobster red, since 80 percent of UV rays still make it through that fluffy barrier. The good news is you can still get a golden bod on a cloudy day. The bad news is you’ve gotta bring along your old pal, sunscreen.


Myth 4: Waterproof sunscreen will last as long as you will in the water.

After about 80 minutes in the pool or the ocean, that slippery stuff is comin’ off, no matter what the bottle says. So when you’ve been splashing around for a little over an hour, it’s best to hop out and reapply. Be sure to towel off before slappin’ on the skin protection.


Myth 5: Higher SPFs are way better than lower ones.

After SPF 34, most sunscreens are pretty much equal. Their protection doesn’t increase the same as their number. For instance, SPF 2 catches half the UV rays comin’ at ya, while SPF 15 gets 93 percent. Bumping it up to an SPF of 34 keeps ya safe from 97 percent, so if you reapply regularly, you should be set.


Got your own burning questions about sunscreen myths? Check out melanomafoundation.org for more prevention tips and facts.

BY CARRIE RUPPERT ON 5/30/2012 4:13:00 PM

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