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Make money, hunnie! How to turn your hobbies into hundreds

Ever wondered if you could make bank just by doing the things you love? The answer is a big Y-E-S. We guarantee that no matter what it is you spend your free time doing, you can start earning some major dough just by putting yourself out there. Here are five ideas to get ya started.



  • 1-athlete.jpg
    So you.... are a three-season athlete
    $$$ You don’t have to be a straight-A student to get in on the tutoring market. Spread the word that you—star point guard, ace goalie or super server—are available for training seshes. Set up hour- or afternoon-long appointments for one-on-one or group workshops to hone the skills of eager young athletes. If you have a record of athletic excellence and a kid-friendly demeanor, parents will be thrilled to have you help junior along.

    No gig? Try this: There are tons of sports camps looking for experts. Hunt around for the coaches—try visiting rec league HQ or scanning grocery store bulletin boards for deets—and get in touch to see if they need any help.


  • 2-creative.jpg
    So you.... are a creative whiz kid
    $$$ Put your skills to the test! Do some research to find craft shows, fairs and festivals this summer and start making neat things to sell. Set yourself up with a table—or an Etsy account, with Mom ‘n’ Dad’s permission—and talk up your wares. Check out Derrick Sutton’s book How To Sell Your Crafts Online for insider info.

    No gig? Try this: Find a local charity or a group who’s fundraising for a worthy cause, and offer to design and create funky accessories that can be sold or given away in exchange for a donation.

  • 3-kitchen.jpg

    So you.... are always busy in the kitchen

    $$$ Start taking orders! Set yourself up with an inexpensive website (a FB page or Etsy store would work, too) and chat up your goodies to locals. Tell your neighbors you’d love to bake a flag cake for their big Fourth of July bash, or you know you’re rocky road brownies would be a huge hit at a bridal shower. Bake up big batches to take to fairs, sporting events, block parties and farmer’s markets.

    No gig? Try this: There are tons of folks in your town who could use some cheering up. Be a cookie fairy and bake up treats for those who have family members in the hospital, or just had a new baby or lost a beloved pet. Deliver anonymously to their mailboxes and treasure your good deeds.

  • 4-writer.jpg

    So you.... are forever scribbling in your notebook


    $$$ Love to write? Go around to local businesses and see if they’d be interested in having your write up a pamphlet or revise their website copy. Talk to small-town newspapers to see if you can get in on their Kid’s Corner section. Or, try your hand at poetry and short stories and send ‘em off to be published. Love to doodle? Find a newsy website or blog you love and see if they need a cartoonist, or offer to create caricatures at a festival or concert.


    No gig? Try this: Non-profits are always looking for a li’l help. Volunteer to write newsletters, design flyers promoting upcoming events—anything!

  • 5-techno.jpg

    So you.... are a techno-junkie


    $$$ Pretty much everyone older than you needs a li’l help with technology from time to time. Start by helping relatives hook up home theatre centers, troubleshoot computer problems and learn how to use their smartphones. Then, ask ‘em to tell friends who are having similar problems that you’d love to lend a hand.


    No gig? Try this: If you’re addicted to social media, see if there’s a charity in your area who’s Faceook page or Twitter account could use a facelift. Use your super social skills to get ‘em moving in the right direction. Two thumbs up!


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