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What to wear to make him stare (Psst, it's not what you think!)

Got a big date coming up? We’ve got ten flirty and romantic looks that will leave him wanting more. But! Our date night dressing rules always come first: Dress to fit your body type or wear a color that makes your eyes pop rather than leaving a little less up to the imagination, and you’ll surely be dressed to impress.
  • 1dress.jpg

    Lovely in lace

    It’s been proven: Guys love a lass in lace. We heart this ¾-sleeved shift on a petite pretty, as loose-fitting clothing can drown a small figure. Add some heels for height and a flashy clutch, but keep the jewels to a minimum. 

    Metallic Lace Dress, $48, nastygal.com

  • 2print.jpg

    Perfect for ruler-shaped gals, this belted dress shows off your tiny waist and gives the allusion of curves. A cut-out back is sassy but not too revealing—and still super flattering.

    Open Back Geo Dress, $20, forever21.com
  • 3white.jpg

    Stunning in silver

    This wrap dress would look amaze on an hourglass figure, as it elongates your entire bod while accentuating your bitty middle.  Also try: a v-neck shirt with a form-fitting skirt to show off your out-in-out shape.

    Sunday Wrap Dress-Silver, $48, nastygal.com
  • 4full.jpg

    Make a statement in a maxi

    For all those full-figured babes out there, this maxi dress is perfect for you! A dress with a longer, looser bottom and defined waist will look utterly gorgeous. Don bold colored jewelry and pretty sandals.
    Lace Trim Maxi Dress, $34, forever21.com
  • 5dress.jpg

    Sporty sistah

    Show him that you can be both athletic and girly! This cute dress is perfect for the sporty girl's body because it shows off your strength with a hint of flirtiness. The belted middle shows off a fit figure, while a bright floral skirt highlights toned gams.

    2Fer Floral Print Dress, $30, wetseal.com

  • 6shorts.jpg

    Boho beauty

    These chic boho shorts are perfect for babes with a bigger bust. Balance out your bod by bringing attention to the lower half of your body and pairing this with a solid tank. Try these with some adorable flats--they’re perfect for a casual picnic date.

    Kirra Knit Print Shorts, $25, pacsun.com

  • 7top.jpg

    Rockin’ ruffles

    A great way to add volume and attention to a smaller chest is to wear ruffles up top. A ruffled halter adds volume and frilliness where you want it. Paired with a sleek pair of high-waisted shorts, you’re ready to hit the town!

    Dapper Dobbins Mint Green Top, $30, lulus.com
  • 8skirt.jpg

    Coral cutie

    Coral is the perfect color to wear in the summer. This pleated number will highlight your tan and graze your hips—perfect for pear shaped chicas.

    Scuba Skater skirt, $38, nastygal.com

  • 9stare.jpg

    Pink punch

    This poppin’ pink peplum jacket will show off your curves, especially once it’s buttoned.  This must-have summer color is stunning and a total eye-catcher. Rock it with a floral skirt or your fave skinnies for a movie date. 
    Peplum Back Linen Blazer, $37, charlotterusse.com
  • 10skirt.jpg

    Tall tales

    Pair this hot maxi skirt with a scoop-neck tee and you're ready to turn heads! Tall babes can show off their looong legs with a pretty high-low hem. The bold color will also add flirty volume to your straight shape.  Heels and a statement necklace compete the look: you're ready for the runway!

    Star Power Green Skirt, $35, lulus.com
  • SlideShowBanner.jpg


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