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What does Cody Simpson want YOU to do this summer?



“I kind of just wanted to make sure my fans didn’t die waiting for my album,” Cody tells us of the reasoning for this latest EP, a preview to his full-length, Paradise, slated to release later this year.


We got a chance to catch up with the cutie before he drops his new tunes, and he mentioned some key things he wants all of his “angels” doing this summer…


1. Ride the waves. “I think everyone should get out and go for a surf,” the beach bum declares, a favorite summer pastime of his. And make sure to check out Cody’s music video for “Got Me Good” below, which showcases the singers sweet surfing skills.   


2. Dress in brights… What can you wear to catch Cody’s eye? “Loose tops, with the cool designs on them.” Another fave of his? “I love the colored shorts buttoned all the way up,” he says.


3. …not in UGGs. If there’s one trend Cody can’t stand to see girls rock in the sun, it’s UGG boots. “Maybe around the house, but not [when you’re] out and about,” he spills.


4. Listen to his favorite songs. Which two tunes off his own EP top Cody’s list? The official single “Wish You Were Here” and “Gentlemen.” “’Wish You Were Here’ is a very cool, upbeat dance track,” Cody says. “And ’Gentlemen’ is a guitar song I wrote. It’s very romantic.”


5. Catch him on the Big Time Tour. Yes! Cody’s hitting the road again in July. And this time it’s with BTR. He’s been so busy rehearsing for the show, which he teases will have lots of “dancing and guitar,” that he admits he hasn’t even had time to think of pranks he wants to pull on Kendall, James, Carlos and Logan. One thing on his summer bucket list, though? More sightseeing in Canada. “I feel like I’ve visited everywhere in The States and done the whole touristy thing,” Cody tells us, “But I definitely want to see more of Canada.”


Get in the summer mindset with Cody’s “Got Me Good” music vid below…


Be sure to check out Preview To Paradise when it releases June 12. Then come back and let us know your favorite track.


If you could spend a summer day with Cody Simpson, where would you wanna go? Blog about it, babes.


Photo Credit: Chris Baldwin


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