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Get your grad on! Celebrate with a big time bash

Finally, finals are over! Time to have some summer fun. This means…graduation parties! But what if your fiesta ends up causing more stress than studying? Relax. GL has the perfect tips to make your party accident-free and fabulous. Read on, chica…



How to get the word out

Put some time into the invites and go all out! Sure, a Facebook invite or a mass text is an easy way to announce your party, but why not go old school? Get some cute stationary, a school directory (yep, you’ll have to find everyone’s address) and plenty of stamps. Your classy invites will get you and your guests and way excited for the p-tay. Keep one invite for yourself, so you can scrapbook it at the end of the summer.


Who to invite

Alright…we covered HOW to invite, but what about who? Guest lists can get way dramatic. If you want something cozy and personal, invite only your closest friends and keep it on the DL. If you’re going for something bigger, try your best not to leave anyone out. If your ‘rents are okay with it, why not extend the invite to your whole grade? It’s likely a lot won’t be able to come, but they’ll still appreciate you thinking about them. If your house is def not big enough for a whole grade bash, just make sure you include everyone who has invited you to their grad party.


What to wear

Your outfit can seem like the most important decision of all! You want to look super cute. Our favorite ensemble for grad parties is definitely a sundress. They’re easy going and perfect for summer. As for shoes, make sure your toes are comfy. You’ll be walking around and mingling the whole night. Wedges are always great, but a pair of flat sandals are a cute, smart choice, too, and might be easier on your tootsies.


What to do

All your guests will be eager to catch up with each other for the first hour or so. When that gets boring, try a fun, nostalgic game called  “Who Knows School Best?” Put questions in a hat (as many as you can think of) and have everyone pick one out. Try, “Which water fountain has the coolest water?” or “Who taught history in sixth grade?” Everyone will be excited to reminisce. Whoever comes up with the best answers gets first pick at dessert.


What to eat

BBQ is a summer party favorite.  For desert, get your bake on! Decorate a sheet cake or cookie cake with a congratulatory note to all the grads at your party. Our top pick idea for personalization? Use frosting to sketch out a doodle of a yearbook, and include some cute messages. We recommend lemonade to quench your guests’ thirst. Make up a simple pitcher full, then up the fun by adding raspberries and strawberries.


How to say thank-you

 A good hostess never forgets to say thank you—it’s the golden rule of throwing parties. Like the invitations, go old school for the thank-yous. Hand-write a card to everyone who came, brought a gift or helped out. Your gratefulness will mean a lot to them.  

BY MARISA DUNN ON 5/2/2014 12:00:00 AM

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