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15 ways to make your slumber party a success

Your besties are comin’ over at 7 sharp, your sleeping bag is unfurled on the living room floor and you’ve got the pizza place on speed dial. All you need now are stellar activities to keep you ‘n’ your sweeties giggling through the wee hours of the morning. Look no further! We’ve got 15 ways to make your slumber party a success.


Girl talk: Gab it up with your girlies all night long. This is classic, but it’s always super fun to catch up, especially if you haven’t seen some of your friends in a while. 
Shake it up!:  Have a dance party. Turn up the tunes and dance the night away. Add to the fun by mixing in a bit of competition. We like adding a li’l freeze dancing to the action.
A night at the spa: Girl’s night in, anyone? Pamper yourselves by bringing the spa to you. Paint each other’s nails, do facials, hair and makeup. Ahh…
Strut your stuff: It’s time for your close up! Show the girls your best catwalk moves as youyou’re your crew model outrageously glam outfits. Work it, girl!
Rock out: So you think you can sing? Time to tell! Belt it the lyrics to some choice karaoke classics.
Game on: There are so many different kinds of games for you and your girls to play. We dig Twister, old school charades and sardines.
Movie night: Bring on the popcorn and candy! Sit back, relax, and enjoy. Got all night? Make it a marathon of your favorite actresses’ best roles, seriously weep-worthy dramas or a TV show you’ve been waiting to catch up on with you chicas.
Tasty treats: Better stock up on flour, sugar and chocolate chips—it’s time to turn the kitchen into an official cookie zone. Bake up a pile of sweet bites…and don’t forget to sample the goods.
Silly scavenger hunt: Ask Mom and Dad to draw up a list of ridiculously random things for you and your femmes to find. You can stick to the house or branch out into the neighborhood. If you’re heading outside, though, be sure to set some boundaries for game play.
Go craft crazy: Make friendship bracelets, duct tape wallets or decorate a pillowcase. Anything you make will remind you of your fun night in with your besties.
Sweet s’mores: Have a campout right in your background.  Fire up the grill for cookout eats and roast marshmallows while the embers die down. Can you say yum?
Say cheese: Grab a pile of picture frames a craft store along with some doodads—think buttons, bits of ribbon and rhinestones. Decorate away and be sure to snap candids you can toss in once your creations are dry.
Pizza party: Can’t decide what toppings to put on your pie? Instead of dialing up some deep dish, purchase pre-made dough and break it into smaller balls so each of you can whip up your own personal pizza.
Guess who: Get everyone to write down three little-known facts about themselves on three separate pieces of paper. Put all the papers in a bowl and have someone read them out loud. Try to guess who you think the person is. You may be surprised to find out that one of your friends can do a back handspring or hates the beach.

Video star: Have you seen all the “Call Me Maybe” and “What Makes You Beautiful” spoof vids on YouTube? Grab a camera and make your own, pronto. Costumes and props encouraged!


What do you usually do at a sleepover? Share in the comments below.  

BY GL ON 6/20/2012 4:15:00 PM

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