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15 fantastically fun things to do on the Fourth

Make your Independence Day stand out with these awesome ways to add some sparkle to your stars ‘n’ stripes celebration. Take your pick, do ‘em all or suggest your own activity in the comments, cuties!



Rock out to Katy Perry’s “Firework.”


Organize a game of baseball with your besties. It is the national pastime, after all.


Paint your fingernails to look like fireworks. Apply a base coat of red or blue, and let that dry. Then use a toothpick to carefully draw some white bursts on top.


For a patriotic dinner, deck your lasagna out like a flag. Finish with cheese on top so that you have a plain background. Then paint on stripes of marinara sauce (don’t forget to count 13!), and use cut up bits of black olive for the stars in the left corner.


Be a part of the holiday parade, or have your own. Grab some of your girlies, and decorate your bikes with red, white, and blue streamers, bunting, and bows.


Make a delish, patriotic dessert for your fam. Stick a popsicle stick in one end of a mini ice cream sandwich. Then lay each side of the sandwich on a plate covered in red, white, and blue sprinkles. Do this as many times as ya need to make enough for everyone. You can serve the sandwiches in colored cupcake wrappers to look cute and skip the mess.


Take some holiday pics while you’re waiting for the fireworks by using red, white, and blue glow sticks. Make sure to wear dark clothes and to set your camera on a long exposure so you can catch the patriotic colors as you move them in crazy designs.


Don’t let Rex get left out of the fun – tie a cute flag neckerchief on your dog to share the holiday spirit.


Make festive candles to decorate the picnic tables for your barbeque. Fill clear glasses almost entirely with red, white, or blue sand (which you can get at a craft store), and place votive candles on top. Next, put each glass inside a larger clear glass jar or vase, and using a funnel, fill the gap between the two containers with layers of patriotically-colored sand. You should end up with a cool stripey effect if ya do it right.


Celebrate your freedom, and write a letter to the President. Tell him two things you like about our country and one suggestion for something that you think could be changed. Don’t forget to wish him a Happy Fourth!


If you’re gettin’ bored while waiting for the fireworks to start, try this variation on tag. Once it gets dark, give one gal a flashlight. Everyone else stands in a huddle, while the “firefly” walks silently away, counting to 60 in her head. When she reaches 60, she has to flash the light on and off once. As soon as she does that, she begins counting from 1 again, and she continuously counts and flashes for the rest of the game. After the rest of the group sees her first flash, they have to count to 100 before trying to catch her. And from there, it’s just a matter of time ‘til someone gets her, and the game starts over with a new “firefly.”


Make party favors for your backyard bash. Put red, white, and blue candy in little clear plastic bags, and tie them off with colored ribbon. We heart using starlight mints, since they come in red and white or blue and white.


Think of a state that seems totally boring and that you’d never wanna visit. Then look up something nifty to see in that state, like a national park or a super-unique restaurant. The next time your fam takes a road trip and goes by the place that you found, be sure to stop by. You’ll be surprised what kinda cool stuff is hiding in these fifty states!


Check out the Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular on CBS – it’s a li’l more than your average sparkler show.


Need somethin’ fun to do at your backyard party while the burgers are cookin’? Try this game, and see how well you know your shoes. To start, have everyone else take off their shoes and stand in a horizontal line with their backs to you. Then, throw all their shoes as far as you can, mixing up the pairs. When you shout, “go,” everyone else has to turn around and race to find their shoes. Whoever recovers theirs and puts them on first wins. You can play multiple times and have a new shoe-thrower for every race.


So gals, what’re some of your fave traditions for the Fourth?

BY CARRIE RUPPERT ON 7/4/2012 12:00:00 AM


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