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Animal Jam Cam contest: Design your Animal Jam bestie for a chance to win glam jam gear!

What do ya get when you mix super cute cuddly creatures with an addictively fun game filled with challenges, trivia and parties?

Meet our newest gaming obsession, Animal Jam. We’re bringing you all the deets on the game, plus giving ya a chance to score glam gear and prizes from Animal Jam.

What’s Animal Jam?
Animal Jam is so much more than a game—it’s like a virtual playground for hunnies who heart animals and the outdoors.

As you spend time exploring the land of Jamaa (in the form of your custom-designed character, of course), you get to make friends with other live players.

Plus, games and challenges put your skills to the test. And the more you play, the better it gets! Earn gems to decorate your very own den and accessorize your look.

But the best part is that as you play and check out awesome videos, you rack up real-world knowledge about the environment and animal kingdom. Fierce!

Meet our animal besties
The girls at GL are total Jammers—and we adore our animal besties! Get a sneak peek at our fave furry friends—and inspiration for designing your own avatar.
From left to right: Lisa’s cheetah, Jane’s wolf, Jess’s rabbit
Kelsey’s panda, Trish’s seal, Brittany’s penguin, Simone’s bush baby
Why be a member?
It’s easy and free to play Animal Jam. But membership has major perks! Here’s what we love about being a member (and don’t miss your chance to win a one-year membership below!).
  • Stand out from the crowd! Customize your cutie creature with cool badges and colors for its nametag.
  • Awesome accessories! Design fab fashions for your animal, buy accessories and score limited-edition pieces to wear and trade.
  • Customize your den! Get access to tonsa den decorations for your crib…or cribs! Get one of each den and switch between your favorite spaces.
  • Exclusive gifts! Get a free gift every month then show ‘em off to your Jammer buddies.
  • Pets! Pick your perf pet then take it with ya on your adventures through Jamaa.

Deets on the Jam Cam Contest
One lucky Jammer will score a one-year membership to Animal Jam, plus a prize pack of cute Animal Jam gear and animal-inspired beauty picks. Here’s how to enter…
  1. CLICK HERE to enter Jamaa and create your animal bestie.
  2. Snap a screen shot of your design then email it to jamcam@girlslife.com by September 30, 2012 at 11:59 PM EST.
  3. We’ll randomly pick one Jammer sistah to win and announce it right on this post on October 1, 2012.

Join the Jam
CLICK HERE to check out the Animal Jam blog
CLICK HERE to get friendly on Facebook with Animal Jam
CLICK HERE to tweet with Animal Jam
CLICK HERE to check out Animal Jam’s YouTube vids

BY GL ON 7/2/2012 12:00:00 AM

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