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6 fresh fruit ideas for the Fourth

With the temps soaring, there’s nothing we wanna dig into more than a pile of freshly picked produce. It’s refreshing, it’s loaded with good-for-you vitamins and minerals and it totally suits whatever shindig you’re throwing (or attending) this week–-what more could a girl ask for? Here are our 6 favorite patriotic picks from our friends on Pinterest. Click here to check out our Fourth of July board for more party-perfect inspiration.
  • fruit-1.jpg

    Star spangled

    Use a cookie cutter to create star-shaped pieces of watermelon. Make sure to slice the melon thin to make the cutting easy.  

  • fruit-2.jpg

    Hooray for the red, white ‘n’ blue

    If you’ve got a rectangular platter, you’ve got this dish in the bag. Use a small bowl for your blueberry stars, then alternate stripes of diced watermelon and a white cheese, like cheddar. 

  • fruit-3.jpg

    Say cheese!

    Giving a store-bought cheesecake a homemade look is easy-peasy this Fourth of July. Grab a pint or two of blueberries, a pile of raspberries and slice up a few strawberries, and you’re set. Arrange as a star with a blue background, as shown above, or create your own design. 

  • fruit-4.jpg

    Sparkle ‘n’ shine

    For a really cute treat that’ll be a hit with your younger cousins, load up skewers with fruit and marshmallows to create a red, white ‘n’ blue pattern. We love the cookie stars speared on top to mimic sparklers. Adorable!  

  • fruit-5.jpg


    Q: Who doesn’t love chocolate-covered strawberries? A: Nobody! Dip your farmers market picks in melted white chocolate first, then roll the tip in blue sprinkles. Lay on a sheet of wax paper and refrigerate until the chocolate has hardened. 

  • fruit-6.jpg

    Flag cake 2.0

    Not a sheet cake fan? No sweat. Whip up a batch of vanilla or yellow cupcakes. Bake them in foil muffin liners for a fancy touch. When they’re completely cool, frost with vanilla icing, then arrange on a platter or cutting board in rows in the shape of a flag. Decorate a few with blueberries as the stars, then alternate rows of red and white stripes, using raspberries or small strawberries for the red and shaved coconut for the white.

  • SlideShowBanner.jpg


BY BRITTANY TAYLOR ON 7/3/2012 1:43:00 PM

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