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Party on! 5 brilliant birthday bash ideas

Havin’ a birthday and lookin’ for somewhere extra special to party? Here are five totally perf places for a summer celebration that’ll seriously take the cake.


Kickin’ It Carnival-Style

Your birthday comes around only once a year, and so does the carnival! Grab your besties and hit the rides because there’s something for everyone, from the most scaredy-cat chica to the most adventurous babe. You can all enjoy pizza and those fab desserts that are only found at fairs, like candy apples and funnel cakes. And maybe if you’re lucky, there’ll be a sweet band or even karaoke.


Step Back in Time…

Check out a Renaissance Fair for your birthday bash, and enjoy jousting, Shakespeare, fancy dresses, mythical creatures, and more. There are Ren Fairs all over the country in places like California, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Just find the one that’s nearest to you, and haveth a wondrous day – huzzah!


Sleepover With a Twist

All your BFFs have sleepovers for their birthdays, and ya wanna do something a little out of the ordinary. So why not have yours in your backyard? Tell the gals to bring their sleeping bags, and pull out the tents and s’mores. Everybody loves a good game of flashlight tag, and you can also have a competition to see who can catch the most lightning bugs. Then you and your chicas can stay up sharing ghost stories (or the latest deets on your crushes – your pick!).


Wet ‘N Wilder Than Usual

Pool parties are so done, right? This year, we’re diggin’ a trip to a water park instead. They’ve got all the cool of a pool with lots more excitement. Pick a park with a neat wave pool or a lazy river so that any babes who are afraid of heights won’t feel left out when ya head for the slides.


To the Ice Cream Parlor, Chauffer

Why wait ‘til prom or your wedding to rent a limo? You’ve got a special day comin’ up, so show it off with some of your chicas. Have them over for a fab dinner before rolling out the red carpet and climbing into your sweet ride. Tell the chauffer take you and the gals to the best ice cream place in town, and enjoy an evening of traveling like stars.


So chickies, what are some of your most memorable birthday bashes?

BY CARRIE RUPPERT ON 7/25/2012 12:00:00 AM

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