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Throw an awesome end-of-summer bash

Summer may be coming to a close, but that doesn’t mean the best of times are behind ya. Gather up your group, whip up a yummy spread, turn on the tunes and live it up with an end-of-the-summer party to end all parties. Here’s how to throw a bash your besties will be talkin’ up way after the first day back.

You’re invited!
Pass on forgettable Facebook events and easy e-vites. Instead, opt for a darling DIY your guests will treasure. Upload a favorite photo of you ‘n’ your crew to a custom photo-printing site, choose a template (we love a vintage postcard look) include the party deets and head to checkout. Our pick: Snapfish.com. They’re super cheap and they’ll stamp and mail your cards for you—all you’ve gotta do is have your buds’ addresses handy. Does it get any easier?!


Think big
A huge backyard is just begging to be played on. So if yours is big enough, split up into teams for kickball, capture the flag or throwback rounds of Mother May I and Red Rover. Toss cameras to those who opt out to get them in on the fun. Limited space? No sweat! Take over your neighborhood, a nearby park, playground or practice field. Just be respectful of others sharing your area (and get permission, if necessary).


Got a mixed bag? Make ‘em mingle

Split up into two teams (boys vs. girls always works!). Have everyone write down a famous figure on a slip of paper, then toss 'em all into a bowl and let the three rounds of guessing begin. In round one, the first player picks a name and acts it out, charades-style. Once her team guesses correctly, she grabs another name and repeats as many times as she can within 60 seconds, earning one point for each correct guess. After her turn, the next team is up. Go back and forth until every player has had a turn and all the names are used up. In round two, put all the names back into the bowl and repeat the process—except this time, each player will describe the figure in words (without saying the name directly, of course) for two points per guess. In round three, every player uses just one word to describe the figure (so choose wisely!) for three points each. Tally up the total points and declare the winning team!

Old school eats

Give the goodies you gobbled down as a kid a grown-up twist. CLICK HERE for our favorite recipes, or get creative. We love the idea of a picnic spread with BBQ pork sliders, sweet potato wedges, summer veggie flatbreads, tomato mac ‘n’ cheese’ and Southwest salad. Yum!


Fab favors

Your big night is 2 Good 2 B 4gotten! Send your besties home toting treasures they’ll treasure. You don’t have to spend a boatload for thoughtful prezzies. Photo flipbooks, homemade cookies, your playlist burned onto a CD and the signed poster pics will be big hits.

BY BRITTANY TAYLOR ON 8/1/2012 5:32:00 PM

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