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28 totally amazing ponytails perfect for school: Part 1

Tired of your boring schoolday pony? Stand out this season with a stunning style that’s straight from the red carpet. The next time your hair feels majorly blah, update your go-to pony with these adorable tricks.  Super cute and super easy for early school mornings: what could be better?


Taylor Swift’s sleek side pony


Taylor’s so-cute side pony is easy to recreate.  Start with sleek, straight hair and gather it to one side.  The key is to place the pony under your ear, not right behind it or you’ll risk an awk side pony placement.  Secure the pony tightly, then wiggle it around so it’s not stuck to your head.  Pull a couple pieces of hair loose and pin back any bangs to look totally smooth.  Add some cute earrings and you’re done!


Demi Lovato’s wrap-around pony


Demi’s pony is pretty dramatic, but you can tone it down enough for school. Start by pulling your hair into a high pony on the top of your head.  Secure the ponytail and pull taut. Now comes the fun part! Find a piece of fabric (maybe leather like Demi?), ribbon, lace, anything to complement your pony. Wrap the fabric around the hair tie and knot it in place underneath the hair tie.  Continue to wrap the fabric around the pony, covering the knot. To finish, wrap it back down to the base of the ponytail and knot, tucking in the ends. Voila! Instant hair art. 


Ariana Grande’s curly side pony


This look is for both curly girlies and straight-haired chicas. The key to this look is tonsa texture.  For girls with curls, embrace them and refresh them with a 1-inch barrel curling iron.  For girls with straight locks, try using a curling iron or scrunching spray to create some waves.  Once your hair is textured, make a deep side part to add drama.  Then, gather your hair on the opposite side of the part and secure your low pony.  A curly or wavy pony can be dressed up or dressed down any day!


Selena Gomez’s half-up pony


So at first glance it may not look like Selena’s rockin’ a pony.  But she is!  She totally works the half-up, half-down look.  To recreate this style, start by embracing your natural texture.  Any hair texture works with this look.  Gather the top part of your hair into a pony on the back of your head and secure it loosely.  Next, grab a comb and lightly tease the crown for some added volume.  Loosen up some pieces in the front and you’ll be loving the in-between ponytail look. 


Emma Roberts’ rockstar pony


This look is completely rockstar but also works well for school. Another bonus: It’s so easy to do! Using a comb, tease the crown for some height, giving you a chic pompadour. Pull half your hair to the back of your head and secure into a pony.  You can either make it smooth and sleek like Emma, or let your curls and waves shine through. Lightly spritz the crown with hairspray for staying power and you’re out the door!


Sarah Hyland’s braided pony


We love Sarah’s super easy braided style (psst: perf for practice!).  To get the look, make a deep side part and gather your hair to one side.  Then, do a classic braid (or maybe fishtail?) and secure with a cute hair tie. Simple and chic!  


Vanessa Hudgens’ tribal pony

On Vanessa’s gorge black tresses, her loose fishtail braid looks like a modern tribal pony! The trick to this braid is to start the braiding low (right around at chin level!). This allows your layers to frame your face.  After creating that fishtail braid off to one side, secure the ends with a cute hair accessory (like Vanessa’s darling flower hair piece!). Gently loosen the weave with your fingers and you’re done!  


Ashley Tisdale’s bubble pony

This is a look that’s easier to pull off than it seems! After curling your hair with a curling iron, take a few hair elastics and tie it where one curl ends and a new curl begins creating “bubbles” in your hair. Use your fingers to exaggerate the shapes a bit and give it a smidge of texture.


Jenna Ushkowitz’s bang bang! pony

We call this one the Bang Bang! Pony because the key to Jenna’s über cool style is that razor-sharp side bang. If you love this look as much as we do, make sure to keep that bang in place with a tiny bit of hair gel. Otherwise, it won’t look as bangin’!


Lucy Hale’s messy braid

Lucy rocks another side braid—but we love the messiness of her version. So cute with a prim dress! Use your bedhead texture to make this look work—try washing your hair the night before, sleeping in a bun, then braiding your locks in the a.m. Lightly loosen the braid with your fingers to rough it up a bit. Cute!


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