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28 totally amazing ponytails perfect for school: Part 2

Blake Lively’s party in the back pony

With this ponytail you get the best of both worlds! Blake sports a slicked back ponytail from the front, but she’s hiding a totally different tousled pony in the back! When you’re snagging this look, make sure to play around with crazy volume and texture (try crimps, curls or waves) after you secure a tight ponytail. People will be taking a second look as you glide through school halls!

Emma Stone’s so-casual pony

We love Emma’s messy ‘do, complete with ripples and bumps and tousled waves galore. The key here is to apply an anti-frizz serum to your hair first, then pull up into a pony, and pull tight after it’s in the elastic. Then, exaggerate the little bumps that appear and shake up the crown a bit. Casual, but cute. Add liner and mascara to make your look a bit more polished.


Mila Kunis’ midway pony

The middle part is back in style! Neatly part your hair down the middle before creating your signature pony. If you want, curl the ends of the pony like Mila’s to give your style that extra touch of something special.


Hannah Simone’s mod pony

Hannah’s intense bang makes her look like a million bucks! If you have a heavy bang like Hannah’s, try blowdrying it out with a paddle brush once your pony is in place to give it a bit of extra lift.


Heather Morris’ let’s-twist-again pony

Look carefully because there’s something special about Heather’s unassuming pony! Before tying back her hair in a loose pony, Heather twisted a one-inch section of hair around the base of the pony and tucked it in to the elastic.

Amanda Seyfried’s effortless pony

Amanda’s got the effortless look down. Stud earrings and quick lip stain make her tousled pony look totally polished. Easy wisps around the temples make this seem carefree. Use the end of a comb to pull out the sections around the temples and behind the ears.


Anne Hathaway’s smart cookie pony

Who said that glasses don’t pair well with ponies? Take that bedhead and pull it up into a messy ponytail. You’ll look smart and cute with your specs and some serious face-framing sections. Curl your lashes (and the ends of your pony) to make the look even more flirty.


Keke Palmer’s polished pony

This pony will have you looking polished, pretty and professional. After flat ironing your hair, pull back those stick-straight tresses into a ponytail. If you’re wearing a strapless top or a tank, this spare ‘n’ sleek pony will help reveal your lovely shoulders and collarbones!


Victoria Justice’s super-low pony

Love Vic’s classic center part here paired with a low centered pony. Sweep straight hair just at the base of the neck and secure with a hair tie, a self-twist or a chic barrette. Sweet!


Ariana Grande’s big wave pony

Take a page from Ariana’s book and twist the tail of your high pony. Secured at the base of the crown, wrap the entire tail of the pony around a large barreled curling iron and let set. Finish with a quick blast of hairspray.


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