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20 adorable pumpkins to DIY this Halloween

Bitten by the Halloween bug but a wee bit tired of the same-old pumpkin-carving routine? Mix up your jack-o'-lantern jive with our top-20 Pinspirational pumpkin how-tos. They're quick, easy and totally original. See ya, complex patterns! We're DIYing to a new drum this year.
  • pumpkin-1.jpg
    Mummy Dearest
    Grab gauze from the drugstore and cut into strips of necessary.Secure at bottom of pumpkin with a drop of hot glue, then wrap around pumpkin, gluing occasionally to keep wrapping secure. When nearly finished, glue two large googly eyes to the gauze (or foam/cardstock cut-outs) and lightly cover, as shown in the picture. Tuck end under to hide.
    From BHG.com via Pinterest
  • pumpkin-2.jpg
    Haunted Mansion
    Use a combination of carving and painting for this haunted house effect. You'll want to use a stencil to make sure you get your position right--draw right onto the pumpkin using a soft pencil or a thin black felt-tip marker. Hollow out pumpkin per usual. Carve out the moon and your windows, wipe down the surface of the pumpkin to remove remnants, then paint on the house using black acrylic paint.
    Photo by Andy Lyons for Parents, via Pinterest
  • pumpkin-3.jpg
    Aye, Aye, Captain!
    This Mr. Potato Head is plastic, but you can mimic the look on a real pumpkin but drilling or using a awl to punch holes where the eyes, nose, mouth, arms and feet would be. Use real Mr. Potato Head accessories to dress him up. We love this idea for young sibs and cousins, and tots you're babysitting.
    Amazon.com via Pinterest
  • pumpkin-4.jpg
    The Raven
    These puppies are actually ceramic pumpkins, but you can make your own by painting a pumpkin white. Paint on your desired design, and paint the stem black, too, while you're at it!
    Martha Stewart for Grandin Road, via Pinterest
  • pumpkin-5.jpg
    Fly Away
    Transform too-cute mini pumpkins into spooky creatures of the night by painting them black (using acrylic or chalkboard paint). Paint (or draw, using chalk) on faces then use hot glue to attach foam wings.
    HGTV.com via Pinterest
  • pumpkin-6.jpg
    Go Global
    The designs on the pumpkins pictured are actually created using faux gems, but we love the idea of using puff paint on a pumpkin to create a henna-like look.
    Horchow via Pinterest
  • pumpkin-7.jpg
    Chic Chevron
    Create a chevron template with cardstock, or simply use masking or painter's tape to outline your pattern. Sweep on acrylic paint (we like the simple white, above, but you can use any color that catches your eye) and dry on newspaper.
    FeelingLovesome.blogspot.com via Pinterest
  • pumpkin-8.jpg
    Ribbon Dancer
    Head to a craft store (or scavenge your crafting supplies and Mom's holiday wrapping box) and pick out a few spools of skinny ribbon. Starting at the stem, hot glue the ribbon to the pumpkin. Cut the ribbon off as it wraps under the bottom.
    BHG.com via Pinterest
  • pumpkin-9.jpg
    Dripping with Jewels
    Take your pumpkin outside, lay newspaper on the ground and spray paint your pumpkin. We love this dark, metallic shade, but you can choose any you like. Let it dry completely, then use hot glue to attach chunky rhinestones along the pumpkin's ridges so it looks like they are dripping down the sides.
    Via Pinterest
  • pumpkin-10.jpg
    Mix It Up
    Can't pick just one pattern? DIY a pumpkin that can change with your mood by painting it with chalkboard paint and scribbling on a design with white chalk.
    Via Pinterest
  • pumpkin-11.jpg
    Jeepers Peepers!
    Pick up a few teeny pumpkins at the store or farmer's market, glue on googly eyes and hide them around the house. Works with gourds, too, so go wild!
    HGTV.com via Pinterest
  • pumpkin-12.jpg
    Are You My Mummy?
    We love the look of these funky white pumpkins carved to look like mummies. Pick one up at a nearby patch and hollow out your pumpkin as usual. Then, plan out where you want the eyes and mouth to go, as well as the rest of the wrappings. Use a black marble (or anything else that's black and round) as eyes--just poke a toothpick into the eye hole and glue the "eye" to the toothpick).
    BHG.com via Pinterest
  • pumpkin-13.jpg
    Lace Me Up
    This just might be the easiest of them all: Grab a pair of old fishnets or patterned tights, cut off the legs and toss your pumpkin all the way down to the toe. Tie the hose in a knot around the stem and cut off the excess. Voila!
    Via Pinterest
  • pumpkin-14.jpg
    What's My Number?
    Grab as many pumpkins as there are numerals in your house number. Then, hollow out each pumpkin per usual, and carve one number on each one. Lay side by side or (carefully!) stack. If stacking, we suggest using battery-operated candles to avoid any mishaps.
    Rob D. Brodman for Sunset via MyHomeIdeas.com, via Pinterest
  • pumpkin-15.jpg
    Razzle Dazzle
    Carve a sugar pumpkin as you normally do--hollow it out, etc.--then use a damp cloth to clean the surface. Outside, spread two paint trays on top of newspaper. Fill one with Elmer's Glue and the other with glitter. Using a large brush, cover the pumpkin with glue, then roll to coat in the glitter. Allow to dry completely on wax paper.
    Via Pinterest
  • pumpkin-16.jpg
    Bite Me!
    For this one, you can use pumpkins of any size, but you'll need to hit up a party store for plastic vampire teeth. Hollow out and carve the pumpkin, making sure to make the mouth large enough to fit in the chompers.
    Martha Stewart via Pinterest
  • pumpkin-17.jpg
    The Dark Side
    Craft a pumpkin that's gone dark my carving a face as usual, wiping down the exterior with a damp cloth, then painting the pumpkin black, making sure not to allow the paint to drip into any of your carved-out areas. Coat with varnish to up the shine factor.
    Lowes via Pinterest
  • pumpkin-18.jpg
    Mum's The Word
    Hitch a ride with Mom to your local garden center and grab a few mums. Take 'em home and get to work. Cut off the flower heads and use hot glue to attach them to your pumpkin. Perfectly autumnal!
    BHG.com via Pinterest
  • pumpkin-19.jpg
    Top Of The Totem Pole
    Pick up three pumpkins that are roughly the same size. Paint two white and allow to dry, then go ahead and paint on the eyes. Finally, use hot glue to attach craft ribbon (love the rick-rack!) "mouths". Stack!
    HGTV.com via Pinterest
  • pumpkin-20.jpg
    Tulle Me About It
    Grab a few yards of tulle at a fabric store plus a spool of wide ribbon in a bright color. Cut the tulle into a square large enough to cover your pumpkin. Set the pumpkin in the center of a square of tulle and wrap upward, gathering at the stem. Tie with ribbon in a poufy bow. Tada!
    Mac-N-Dix.blogspot.com via Pinterest
  • SlideShowBanner.jpg

BY BRITTANY TAYLOR ON 10/24/2012 12:00:00 AM

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