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Meet beauty pro Tess Christine, GL's latest Get the Look expert!

If you meet Tess Christine in her college town of Minnesota—where she’s currently studying PR—you might think she’s a pretty normal student. But if you log on to YouTube (find her at youtube.com/TessChristine123), you’ll see she also happens to be a smash sensation in the world of beauty vlogging. In fact, with close to 120,000 followers and more than 8.5 million video views, she’s a downright YouTube celeb.


Tess dishes how-to and haul vids on all things beauty and fashion. (She even takes special requests from her fans. A fave? Celeb-inspired looks from hit shows like Pretty Little Liars).


For our October/November issue, Tess created a totally gorgeous ombre purple eye—and it’s perf to rock at all your fall parties. Check out the how-to below, and read on to meet our vlogger of the moment.



How did you get inspired to start your vlog?

I was really big into watching beauty vlogs—I watched them for about a year before I tried my own. [Popular beauty vloggers] Elle and Blair hosted a video entry contest on their page, and my video got great feedback from other viewers. As I continued to make more videos, I taught myself camera angles and the best way to shoot.


How long does it take you to film and edit a video?

A makeup tutorial takes about 20 minutes or so to film. A fashion or celeb-inspired look can take an hour or more. But the real work happens in editing, which can take a lot of hours. I create everything with my Canon Rebel T3i camera and iMovie for editing.


What’s your personal beauty philosophy?

Never overdo anything. It’s fun to do a look inspired by a celeb, but it’s always important to stay true to what you enjoy. If you really like something, then stick with that.


What’s your favorite place to score your beauty buys?

Hmm, lots of places. I really like Target…and Sephora! Sephora lets you try everything out, which is awesome.


What’s your favorite thing about running a vlog?

The viewers! I would never do it without the people who get excited when I post a video.


You’re a celeb on YouTube. Are you one at school, too?

[Being famous on YouTube] is a new concept to people. All of my friends are very supportive and think it’s really cool.


What’s your personal style like?

I mix it up a lot. Some days I’m really edgy with leather jackets, some days I’m really girly—or girly with an edgy vibe. I like mixing florals and chiffon with edgy accessories.


What fall trends are you excited for?

Fall jackets! I love jackets. I also love wearing neutrals and then adding a pop of color.


What do you do when you’re not vlogging?

Since I’m a full-time college student, my vlogging and classes keep me really busy. But I love to spend time with my family and friends—in the fall, anything outdoorsy like bike riding or just walking around town. And in the winter, snow things like tubing, skiing and sledding!


Check out Tess on p. 34 of GL’s Oct/Nov issue!

BY KELSEY HAYWOOD ON 9/15/2012 12:00:00 AM

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