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DIY sweet candy necklaces

Gift your glamazons with a ghoulish good time this October. We're loving these old-school candy necklaces from Courtney Dial Whitmore's latest cookbook, Candy Making for Kids. Follow her recipe for a monstrous good time, or mix it up with your own munchies. 



Makes 10 necklaces
10 yard 5/8-inch sheer ribbon (for necklace) Ÿ
10 yard 3/8-inch ribbon (for decoration) Ÿ
Gummy candies in variety of colors, like Life Savers Gummies Ÿ 

Cut the 5/8-inch ribbon into 10 1-yard piece and the 3/8-inch ribbon into pieces about 6 inches long. To make the necklace, thread the 5/8-inch ribbon through a gummy, then tie a shorter piece of ribbon in either side. Thread a smaller gummy on either side, and add more ribbon. Keep threading and tying until you’re happy with the result, put ‘em on and nibble away!


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