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Girl vs. Monster's Kerris Dorsey talks all things Halloween

In Disney Channel’s new original flick Girl Vs. Monster (premiering this Friday, Oct. 12, at 8 p.m. ET/PT), the super-talented Kerris Dorsey stars as Sadie, the BFF of teenage monster hunter Skylar (played by Kickin’ It starlet, Olivia Holt).
We were lucky enough to sit down with Kerris on the Girl Vs. Monster set in Vancouver, where we chatted about everything from Halloween to fashion horror stories. Read on to find out about Kerris’ biggest fear and her awesome costume advice!

GL: So, what do you love most about your Sadie? 

Kerris: She’s very matter-of-fact and practical. She just tells it how it is, no matter what’s going on.

What’s one fashion or beauty trend you’re totally afraid of at the moment?

I’m not a big heels person. I’m a little bit afraid of walking in them!

What about one fashion mistake you’ve made in the past?

I went through a pigtails phase. Looking back, I’m like, “Why did you wear pigtails all the time?” They were really high on top of my head.

Have any tips for girls on picking out a Halloween costume this year?

I’d say just try to be creative! Part of the fun of Halloween is picking out your costume. Add some flair to something from the store and find different things that work with your costume.

Which Halloween classic do you think every girl should blast this year?

“Monster Mash.” It’s always stuck in my head!

What’s one secret you discovered from one of your Girl Vs. Monster cast mates that kind of surprised you?

We call Luke (Benward) “The Raptor” because can do a spot-on Velociraptor impression. He goes crazy and gets really into it, which is really funny actually. 

One final Q: What’s one of your biggest phobias at the moment?

I don't like heights. I do my best to try and get over it, like I went up the Eiffel Tower when I was in Paris. And for my birthday, I had a trapeze party on the Santa Monica pier…but I started crying!
Be sure to catch Kerris and the rest of the Girl Vs. Monster gang when the new movie airs this Friday night on Disney Channel.

Are you pumped for Girl Vs. Monster? What’s your best Halloween costume tip? Blog about it, babes.


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