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5 reasons we're totally lovin' Luke Benward

You may remember him from How to Eat Fried Worms or Disney Channel’s Minute Men, but this year, Luke Benward is stepping out in a role that we’re sure will catch your eye and stick in your mind.


The 17-year-old cutie is set to star in Disney Channel’s all new spooky classic, Girl Vs. Monster (premiering this Friday, Oct. 12, at 8 p.m. ET/PT), where he’ll be playing heartthrob Ryan Dean, the childhood best friend—and crush—of monster hunter Skylar Lewis.


We sat down with the super-cute and super-talented actor on the flick’s Vancouver set to talk all things Halloween, and all things him. Read on to see why we’re totally in love with Luke Benward…and why you should be, too!


He’s a musician. Yes, ladies, you read that correctly. An actor and a musician. What more could you ask for?! And it’s kinda fitting since Ryan Dean is a rock band cutie, too. “I’ve always loved to incorporate music into acting because I have a passion for both. The fact that I could do that with this character was really exciting.”

He’s a scaredy-cat.
Throughout our conversation with Luke, we kept running into things that he was afraid of! A guy who isn’t afraid to admit his fears? Totally adorable. “I’m really scared of clowns, and for a while I was scared to perform and sing in front of a crowd. Also, I’m not a big scary movie guy. They stay with me for a while.”

He’s a family fella. This cutie’s got a great relationship with his mom (who was there for the interview as well). They talked back and forth, sharing memories of growing up in Tennessee—particularly during Halloween. “One year, my family and I dressed up in the theme of Wizard of Oz for Halloween. We all went as the different characters. I was the Tin Man!” (And if you were wondering, we totes saw pics of Tin Man Luke, courtesy of Mom, after that one.)

He’s secretly nerdy. When we asked the Disney Channel sweetie who he wants to be for Halloween this year, his answer gave us some insight into his personality. “I want to dress as Darth Maul, my favorite Sith Jedi. I’m a big Star Wars fan.”

He’s double the sweetness. Want another Luke Benward childhood memory? When we asked the cutie if he had any embarrassing stories, he told us a great one about a girl back home. “In 2nd grade, a girl who was a friend of mine gave me a homemade valentine. Like a real, handwritten one! I [only] gave her a little Star Wars fold-up one. So I went home, told my mom, and we made one out of a heart doily to give her the next day. I was thoroughly embarrassed.”


Be sure to catch Luke in Girl Vs. Monster this Friday night on Disney Channel.


Want more from Luke? Check this out!


Are you totally in love with Luke now? Blog about it, babes.


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