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5 wicked Halloween costume ideas for you and your crew

Check out these fantastic fairytales and famous ladies to help you dress to impress with your BFF or rock this year’s Halloween with a group of your fave gals. Whether you want to get witchy or keep it sugary sweet, you’re sure to snag a treat in these fab costumes.


Get into mischief as Lucy and Ethel

These two BFFs from I Love Lucy always stick together no matter what kind of trouble they get into. Dress up as this classic duo when they worked in the chocolate factory from the famous “Job Switching” episode. You and your BFF should wear 50s style dresses with matching aprons and floppy chefs hats or hair nets. Use hair dye that washes out for Lucy’s legendary red locks. Bonus points if you hide chocolate in your sleeves, hats and pockets.


Make your dreams come true as Disney princesses

We all know what our fave Disney princesses look like. You’ll need dresses the same color as your princesses’ gowns. Ask your sibs if you can borrow an old prom dress or check out the gowns they have at your local thrift store. Put on some glam accessories, style sleek royal hair dos, slip on princess-worthy tiaras and get ready to wish upon a star.


Get witchy with Glinda and the Wicked Witch of the West.

To dress like Glinda, wear a bright, sparkly, poufy pink dress or skirt. Curl your hair and keep it extra sparkly with a shine mist. You’ll need a big crown and a wand to wave. For the wicked witch of the west, you’ll need green face paint, a witch’s hat and a black dress or cloak. Start perfecting your cackle and stay far away from bonfires!


Grab your troop and dress like Girl Scout Brownies

Wear a brown skirt, white top and a brown vest. Style your hair with cute barrettes, braids and ponytail holders. Bring along a red wagon for your loot. Bonus points if you give out cookies.  Yum!


Evil Stepsisters from Cinderella

Anastasia is older, has curly red hair and wears a purple dress. Drizella has black curly hair that she keeps pulled back and wears a green dress. Each stepsister should wear an oversized feather or bow on the top of their head. Bring a clear or white shoe to fight over all night.

BY LAUREN IZQUIERDO ON 10/10/2012 2:03:00 PM


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