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31 ways to make Halloween a total scream

Halloween is just a hop, skip ‘n’ a jack-o-lantern away, and you know what that means! It’s time to deck the halls with ghosts ‘n’ spiders, go wild for your favorite sweet treats and get your spook on. Here are 31 ways to rock the creepiest time of the year.



Dress up with your friends in your best zombie attire. Zombie-walk around your neighborhood while it’s still light out to show off your undead skills.


Scream with a group (and your crush) at a haunted house. When a ghost pops out, we know whose arm you’ll be grabbing.


Host a spooky salon to practice your best Halloween manis. Give this look a try.


You’ve heard of lemonade stands; set up a hot chocolate stand in your neighborhood for trick-or-treaters and their parents.


Go glitter crazy with mini pumpkins and hand them out to your friends.


Star in your own horror flick. Bring your besties and search for spooky places to film around your neighborhood.


Halloween dance sesh! All you need is the “Monster Mash” and your BFF.


Decorate pillow cases or festive pumpkin-shaped pails with your pals. They’re perfect for carting around your Halloween loot…or snoozin’ at a sleepover the weekend before the big day.


Get the gang together for a scary movie marathon.  Load up on popcorn and snap off the lights!


Hit the farm for apple picking with your besties. Dip your picks in caramel and douse in orange sprinkles for a deliciously festive treat.


Create a creepy scarecrow with vampire teeth and monster feet.


Channel your inner J.K Rowling and write a Halloween story. Witches, wizards and ghosts, oh my!


Trick or treat for a cause for UNICEF. Click here to find out how


Grab glow sticks and tour the neighborhood to see which houses have the best decorations.


Wait ‘til it gets dark and play flashlight tag or hide-‘n’-seek in your backyard.


Don’t toss those pumpkin pieces! Bake a pumpkin pie from scratch and serve with extra whipped cream.


Go on a hayride. Creepy ghoulies are optional but your girlies are definitely required.


Dress up and hand out candy to younger kids so you can see all the cute costumes.


Use your imagination to create a creepy feel box to use on trick-or-treaters. Use spaghetti for worms, baby carrots for fingers and peeled tomatoes for hearts. Eyes closed!


Host a costume contest. Have your buds vote for their faves and hand out candy prizes.


Get creative with a creepy craft from our Spindlers list.


Hide under the covers and read a spooky thriller.


Pumpkin carving! Get elbow-deep in orange guts and see who can carve the spookiest faces.


Experiment with Halloween makeup. Try Vanessa Hudgens’ wicked cat eye


You’ve mastered them during the day, now take on a corn field at night. Bring your buds and a flashlight, and keep an eye out for creepy creatures in the twists and turns.


Throw a Halloween party. You’ll need decorations, spooky music, scary movies and lots of munchies!


Spook your neighbors by turning your home into the scariest house on the block. Bats and spider webs are a must. Click here for ideas.


Have a bake-off! Bake cupcakes and see who can come up with the creepiest (and yummiest) decorations. 


Take a ghost tour. You might need a hand to hold for this one…


Paper mache a Halloween-themed piñata. Fill it with candy and smash it open…in costume, of course!


Put on your best costume and go trick or treating like old times. Free candy? Yes please!

BY LAUREN IZQUIERDO ON 10/21/2012 12:00:00 AM

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