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Study Date 101: Get the guy and the grades

We get it—you don’t want to miss out on spending time with that classroom cutie. But you also know you should never sacrifice your grades for a guy. Solve your dilemma the smart way with a study date. These date prep tips will get you chic and study-ready while trivia games keep you and your study buddy chatting and laughing all the way to an A+.


Be prepared to date AND study

Dress smart

You’ll want a laid-back outfit to study in but you’ll also want to look good for your date. Itchy, tight or uncomfortable clothes can cause a distraction. For an outfit that’s totally study-cute, put on a pair of your comfiest jeans, a simple tank and a soft sweater. Keep makeup light and grab some gloss. Finish your look with a sophisticated bun and you’re done. Perfect!

Gather your materials

Gather all of your materials ahead of time. Start by making a list.  Think about pens and pencils, highlighters, note cards, paper, text books and whatever else you might need. Get organized by stacking papers and books into a pile and putting writing utensils into a pencil holder or plastic cup. Make sure you grabbed a pen and paper for him too and he’ll be sure to note your thoughtfulness.

Pick a spot

Pick a comfy, quiet place with plenty of space to spread out your books. Check for outlets if you’ll be working on a laptop. And make sure it’s well lit so you can keep an eye on your work and on your date.  A café, library or your kitchen table is a great place to get work done.

Brain food

If your location allows it, make sure you pack a snack. Studying is no fun if you’re hungry and we all know that boys love food. Chips and salsa, cheese and crackers, sandwiches and popcorn are all healthy and boy-friendly.
Keep it fun and active with a game


Grab a piece of paper and draw four bases. One of you starts as pitcher and the other gets batter.  The pitcher asks a question and if answered correctly, the batter gets a base. If the batter gets it wrong, ask another, but three strikes and you’re out.  If the batter makes it home, that’s one point. Switch positions and play ball!


Take turns quizzing each other with hangman. A face, body, two arms and two legs means six chances to answer wrong before that turn is over. Every correct answer is ten points. Add them up at the end and see who wins.  Keep track of the questions the two of you got wrong to ask again later.


We’re all familiar with this trivia favorite. Write answers down on one side of your note cards and point values on the other side. The harder ones get more points. Spread the cards on the table answer-down. Keep track of points on a piece of paper and take turns reading the questions. Don’t forget to answer in question form!



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