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No tricks here! 8 easy exercises for Halloween

‘Tis the season of candy gorging and cider guzzling. Counter all those extra calories with this wickedly-simple workout routine you can sneak into your holiday fun. Whether getting costume-ready, reaching for candy or getting hooked on a horror flick, every gal, ghoul or zombie can get toned with these candy-busting tricks.

Pumpkin squats

You’ll need one medium (about 5 pound) pumpkin for this leg and butt-blasting workout. Stand upright with your feet about shoulder-width apart. Hold your pumpkin with both hands up by your chest. While squeezing your butt, bend your knees as if your about to sit in a chair. Make sure your knees stay behind your toes and that your back stays straight. Slowly come back up. Repeat 20 times and you’ll totally feel the burn.


Screaming triceps dips

Do this tricky move while watching your fave scary movies. Position yourself at the edge of the couch. Your hands should be on the couch by your sides and your knees should be bent in front of you.  Lift your back-side off the couch and towards your feet and slowly bend your arms to bring yourself down. Then slowly come back up again. Make it a game; do 5 reps every time your flick makes you scream!


Toe-tally costume ready

Cat eyes, nail polish, wig? We know getting your makeup and hair Halloween-ready is going to take a little time. Turn that time into a leg-toning workout without stepping away from the mirror. Slowly push up onto your toes and then lower back down again. To tone those calf muscles, make sure the motion is slow and controlled and repeat until you’ve finished your look.  


Jog for goodies

While trick-or-treating, instead of walking, jog your way from house to house. To get the most out of this candy-licous cardio, be sure to watch your posture and keep your shoulders back. Bend your arms at your waste. Relax, swing your arms and jog heel-to-toe. You’ll get cardio and collect candy faster. Tip: sneakers are a must!

Lunge out candy

While handing out candy to younger kids, instead of bending down to reach their bags, get your butt in shape and lunge your way down. Start by standing up straight and taking one long step forward. Lower yourself down into a lunge. Make sure your back stays straight and your front knee is aligned with your ankle. Switch legs whenever a new group of kids comes to your door.


Candy curls

This is a great muscle-burning exercise you can do at home with a bag of candy or while trick-or-treating. Grip the bag in one hand and angle your palm face-up.  Keep your upper arm pinned against your side. Keeping your posture straight, slowly pull the bag of candy up towards your shoulder by bending your elbow. Then, slowly bring it back down again. Do reps of 20 on each side. The more candy you collect, the more you’ll work those muscles!


Stretch to treat

This stretch is perfect to do right after trick-or-treating when you’re ready to go through your bag full of goodies. Sit on the floor with your back straight and your legs stretched out in front of you, toes up. Dump your candy right in front of your toes. Now, you can’t go through your candy without doing toe touches first! Hold the stretch as long as you can and repeat until you’ve explored all of your candy. Yum.



No Halloween is complete without this zombie-tastic classic by Michael Jackson. Get your blood pumping with this complete, total-body exercise.  Recruit your friends, put on your zombie makeup, turn up the music and reach, hop, squat, bend and jump your way to a creepily fun cardio workout.

BY LAUREN IZQUIERDO ON 10/24/2012 5:00:00 PM

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