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Yes! These movies will make ya jump outta your seats

Who doesn’t love a good scare every now and then, especially around Halloween? Grab your besties and some popcorn for a night of spooks you’ll never forget. We’ve put together a list of six movies that, when combined, make the most perfect movie marathon list. Score! All you’ve gotta do is get your ’rents to approve, which we made easier by making sure all of these are nothing over PG-13.
  • 1womaninblack.jpg
    The Woman in Black
    Starring Harry Potter cutie Daniel Radcliffe, this flick will freak you out every time his character turns a corner or opens a door. You never know what could be lurking in the shadows!
  • 2poltergeist.jpg
    The Freeling family has just moved into a new house in California, when their youngest daughter, Carol Anne, begins communicating with a spirit through the TV set. The next day, strange things happen around the house, but the family mostly ignores the signs. That night, Carol Anne gets sucked through the TV screen by a demon known as “The Beast.” Watch in terror as the Freelings fight to save their daughter in time.
  • 3Super8.jpg
    Super 8
    A bunch of middle schoolers are making a movie when they catch a massive train crash on film. Uh oh! They soon find themselves in a mess of mysterious happenings and missing persons, all with edge-of-your seat suspense waiting to see what happens next!
  • 4Coraline.jpg
    Yes, it’s animated, but Coraline is still creepy! When her parents move the family to a new city, Coraline finds herself very bored and alone. That is until one night when she discovers a strange, parallel universe in her apartment building. In the Other World, her Other Parents and neighbors are much kinder and more attentive to Coraline. But things turn sinister when Coraline tries to leave one night and her Other Mother traps her and her parents in the Other World. What will she do?!
  • 5TheSixthSense.jpg
    The Sixth Sense
    A little boy who can talk to ghosts, and a child psychologist trying to help him, travel throughout the movie, meeting spooky dead people along the way. With a twist ending, this film will leave your jaws hanging wide open.
  • 6jaws.jpg
    Speaking of jaws, how could we resist adding this flick to our list? Enough with ghosts and mythical monsters for a sec, we need a movie with real-life fright! When a gigantic great white shark begins to attack the quiet beach town of Amity, one unlikely group bands together to catch the mighty beast.
  • 7cloverfield.jpg
    When an apparent earthquake strikes the Big Apple, havoc ensues—including the head of the Statue of Liberty crashing down! Follow the five friends with their handheld video cam as they try and rescue one of their buds trapped in the mayhem.
  • SlideShowBanner.jpg


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