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6 movies we wanna read as books right now

Many books have been turned into movies, but what about movies being turned into books? We certainly wish we could curl up at home with a book featuring the same stories that we love on the big screen.


Here’s a list of some flicks we so wanna see turned into novels right now. Do you think these would make good books, too?


Heart and Souls

Four people die at the same time that one boy is born, causing all four spirits to intertwine with the boy, Thomas. After realizing they would affect Thomas’ childhood, the four decide to remain invisible to him until he’s in his 30s. Now, they just won’t leave him alone—that is, until he helps them with their unfinished business.


You’ve Got Mail

Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks star in this adorable romantic comedy about two people who fall in love over anonymous emails, but despise each other in real life due to their competing bookstores. And when one of them finds out who the other is, well, you can only imagine what happens.


Mean Girls

This one’s a classic. If ever there were a way to successfully combine all of the various peer pressures, bullying and drama that go on in high school, it would result in this movie. It centers on a home-schooled girl’s transition to a normal school, and how she chooses her friends and copes with her enemies.


Sydney White

This is a really fun twist on the story of Snow White, as Sydney starts her freshman year at college and learns that sorority life is not for her. Instead, she shacks up with 7 other outcasts (sound familiar?) and they work together to make their own fairy tale.


The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

An average, albeit awkward, teen kid is recruited by Balthazar, a master sorcerer and is suddenly thrown into a world of hi-tech magic. Clumsy Dave Stutler tries his best to keep up with his training, but is he really ready to help battle a dangerous and powerful evildoer who escapes from his magic vessel?


The Prince and Me

What if you found out that your crush, who you start to fall in love with, is actually a Danish prince? This is the story of farmer’s daughter and pre-med student Paige, who has to not only win over the Royal family, but also choose between living the life of a queen in a different country and continuing with her medical career in the U.S.


Which flick would you love to read as a book? Blog about it, babes.

BY KELLY GIERON ON 11/1/2012 12:00:00 AM


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