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6 amazingly thoughtful gift ideas

Sure, it’s the thought that counts. But ya gotta admit, there’s a difference between a gift card to Forever 21 and pug calendar for the pooch obsessed. Got a friend you know really well—and the desire to make your holiday gift to them totally out of the ordinary? Here’s how:


For the music lover…

Go for the unexpected. She loves old-school hard rock? Visit a local music store and ask about local bands that fit the bill and are playing concerts around the holidays. Grab tickets and their E.P. and wrap ‘em up.


For the sports fanatic…

Snag tickets to a game she’d love to go to, even if your seats are in the nosebleed section. Add in a box of crackerjacks, a baseball cap, a pennant or rally towel, a foam fingers—anything that screams team spirit.


For the art lover…

Look up all the major art exhibitions in your area, pick one your babe would adore and make plans to see it. Figure out the whole day, from rides to where you’ll have lunch, and include a map of the museum’s floor plan and something fun, like a calendar of Van Gogh prints for a post-impressionist show.


For the pop culture junkie…

Put together a goody basket that brings the two of you together, like tickets to a midnight showing of the next big flick she’s dying to see, plus her fave candy, a gift card for popcorn and the book the movie’s based on—‘cause, come on, we all know the books totally blow the movies outta the water!


For the book worm…

Spend an afternoon digging through a used bookstore for a clean old copy of her favorite page-turner. Or, check out her Goodreads shelves to find a series or author she loves, and preorder the next book on Amazon so she can be the first to grab it. Print out a pic of the cover and tuck it inside a cute card (and be sure to note the delivery date).


For the girl you grew up with…

Create a photo calendar using a custom printing website (we like Snapfish.com). Upload photos of the two of you from way back when (ahem, starting in January) up through your last big night out (December). Mark down significant days for the two of you: the anniversary of the day you met, your first big fight, your monthly Saturday sleepovers. For giggles, Google a list of bizarre holidays and movie/book character birthdays and plug in the ones your gal would L-O-V-E.


What’s the most thoughtful gift you’ve ever given, babes?



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BY BRITTANY TAYLOR ON 11/17/2012 12:00:00 AM

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