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Shy guy? 6 tips to get your crush chatting

In a perfect world, if a guy thought you were pretty, smart or funny (which we know all you GL readers are!) he’d walk right up to you and say it. But this is the real world…population those dream dudes: zero. Instead, most guys lean to the shy side. Take action to crack a guy’s timid tendencies with these tips.   


Ask open-ended questions. Depending on how shy this guys really is, he could answer a friendly question like, “Did you have a good time at Michelle’s party?” with an uninviting Yes or No. Those blunt answers don’t leave much room for further small talk. Instead, say, “Who did you go to Michelle’s party with?” Then he has to provide a longer answer. Maybe his bud is a mutual friend of yours and—voilà—instant convo starter!
Get physical. This may seem like an old-school trick, but trust me it works. “Accidentally” drop something in front of him, bump into him during passing time or have him help you open your locker. These subtle physical interactions always lead to a li’l chit chat. Bonus: It’ll have him thinking about your encounter all day!
Encourage himIf you always pass each other in between classes the same time a certain day, then make eye contact and a smile a habit. This little gesture can go a long way. It may even break his silence, if you step it up and wave or say hi.  
Creep a li’l. Find out what interests him by taking a harmless browse through his Twitter and Facebook. Once you discover your similarities, bring it up casually—not creepily—in conversation. “OMG I saw on Facebook you’re in the environmental club. I wanna join!” is awkward and slightly stalkerish. “I’m all about the saving the Earth. Do you know anyway I could get the school to go green?” is smooth and smart.
Drop a hint. Asking him something as simple as if he’s seen the newest James Bond flick can only have positive results. Whether he replies Yes or No, you can say slyly say something like, “I wanna see it so bad, but all my girl friends have already gone…” Whether he takes the hint to ask you out or admits he wants to see it too, it gives you a reason to chat.

Compliment him. The age-old saying a little kindness goes a long way is still true here, so listen up, ladies! Whether you’re complimenting him on his answer in history class or his newest kicks, he’ll appreciate that you took notice. Plus, this will boost his confidence to break his shy ways. He might even compliment you back.




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BY JENN SHELTON ON 5/3/2014 12:00:00 AM

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