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Celebs we wanna swap prezzies with

While we’re super busy filling out our own Christmas wish lists and stocking up on prezzies for our loved ones, we can’t help but wonder what we would most want to buy for our fave celebs, too. Read on to see our compiled wish list…

  • 1Taylor.jpg

    Taylor Swift

    This girl loves dressing up, and we’re beyond obsessed with all of her super sweet outfits. We’re going to help out her stylish habit and would buy this gal a sparkly dress. Pair it with that red lipstick of hers and she’s ready to get out on the carpet!

  • 2JenniferLawrence.jpg

    Jennifer Lawrence

    After roles in high-action spots like The Hunger Games and House at the End of the Street, Jennifer Lawrence deserves a relaxing day like nobody else. That’s why we would want to treat her to a perfect spa outing—complete with a massage, facial and mani/pedi!

  • 3HarryStyles.jpg

    Harry Styles

    As soon as you read his name, we bet you knew what we were going to say …hair-styling products, of course! Harry’s locks are beyond perfect naturally, but why not treat him to something nice and different? Don’t get any crazy ideas and go for a mohawk though, Harry, we’re seriously digging the mop.

  • 4Selena.jpg

    Selena Gomez

    With the upcoming Wizards of Waverly Place special and the on again-off again-maybe on again relationship with the Biebs, Selena must have a whole lot on her mind. This gal made our wish list because we would love to spoil her with a girls’ night in. We’d deliver the works—home manis, sappy chick flicks, homemade desserts, you name it.

  • 5CodySimpson.jpg

    Cody Simpson

    We feel like we need to pay Cody Simpson back for gifting the world with such an awesome album (Paradise, it’s out now, yay!) and we have something pretty awesome in mind. For this Aussie, we’d grab him a brand new surfboard. Cody has told us countless times that he loves hitting the beach, and we totally think he deserves a break from all the hard work in the studio and on the road.

  • 6Ariana.jpg

    Ariana Grande

    It took us a bit of work to come up with the perfect idea for this Victorious star. We figured, with her gorgeous looks and amazing red hair, we’d gift her with an ah-mazing set of makeup. Ari looks beautiful in everything, so we’d love to treat her with enough new goodies to experiment with.

  • 7Logan.jpg

    Logan Lerman

    This Perks of Being a Wallflower cutie is a totally cool dude in real life. He wears—and does—what he wants, which may not always be popular, but we love him for his individuality. We’d totes give Logan the gift of music—concert tix, that is! We’re thinkin’ someone indie and new, an artist he would really enjoy.

  • SlideShowBanner.jpg


Which celeb would you most want to trade prezzies with this holiday season and why? Blog about it, babes.

BY KATIE LEMON ON 12/2/2012 12:00:00 AM

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