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Our 12 biggest celeb crushes

Cute boy alert! Between music, movies, television and sports, 2012 sure was a great year for celeb crushes. On this lucky day of 12/12, why not take a moment to enjoy some of our fave eye candy, of the celeb-guy variety. Consider it a li’l present from us to you—just in time for the holidays!

  • 1Zayn.jpg

    Zayn Malik

    Why we heart him: Let’s face it, all the 1D guys are pretty cute. But Zayn’s smoldering stare is out of this world (or country, at least) crush-worthy.

  • 2Hunter.jpg
    Hunter Hayes

    Why we heart him: This country crooner stole our hearts with his hit single "Wanted" this year.  Well, Hunter, we wanna make you feel wanted, too. Oh, and did we mention he was just nominated for THREE Grammys?!

  • 3Roshon.jpg

    Roshon Fegan

    Why we heart him: This up-and-coming Disney Channel cutie shakes things up by producing his own music. He’s a true triple-threat as he acts, sings and dances his way into our hearts.

  • 4Cody.jpg
    Cody Simpson
    Why we heart him: A blonde Aussie who’s oh-so charming? Love him! Cody easily sings his way onto our crush list.
  • 5Avan.jpg

    Avan Jogia

    Why we heart him: One of our fave Nickelodeon boys stays victorious as serious crush-worthy material, long locks and all.

  • 6TaylorLautner.jpg

    Taylor Lautner

    Why we heart him: As Taylor says goodbye to the Twilight series, we’re already anticipating crushin’ on him in future films.

  • 7Danell.jpg

    Danell Leyva

    Why we heart him: While the summer Olympics championed the Fierce Five, this Olympian helped the USA male gymnasts score points in the athlete-crush-competition.

  • 8JustinBieber.jpg

    Justin Bieber

    Why we heart him: No matter the haircut, no matter any on-or-off GFs, our crushy Bieber feelings hold strong. We value this guy more than platinum, silver or gold.

  • 9Juan.jpg
    Juan Agudelo
    Why we heart him: Meet Juan, a forward for the US men's soccer team. His smile melts our hearts, both on and off the field.
  • 10carlos.jpg

    Carlos Pena, Jr.

    Why we heart him: Got a big time crush rush for Carlos? Join the club. Nickelodeon is doing a spectacular job finding adorbs talent these days, including this singer/actor extraordinaire. 

  • 11NickJonas.jpg
    Nick Jonas
    Why we heart him: Now that he’s starred on Broadway, this Jonas crush is proving once again to be one of our fave, talented performers. Encore, encore!
  • 12WillJay.jpg

    Will Jay

    Why we heart him: A member of the boy band IM5, Will is a Cali native who has a soft spot for gospel music. We’re thrilled to have this cutie and his grin as our last, but not least, member of our celeb crush list.

  • SlideShowBanner.jpg


Which celeb have you been crushing on hard this year?  Blog about it, babes.

BY KARIN ELWOOD ON 12/12/2012 12:00:00 AM

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