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So long, Gossip Girl! Our favorite moments of the series

The haute couture, love triangles, glamour and, of course, gossip that have so fancily fueled one of our fave TV series (possibly ever) is all about to come to an end (tear!).
That’s right, the series finale of Gossip Girl is airing tomorrow night, Dec. 17, at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on the CW for a super special two-hour cap off. From that very first ep, the A-list society-driven teem drama we love to lust over has captured our hearts and given us a coveted glimpse into the lives of the upper east elite (squeal!). So we thought there would be no better time than now to take a walk down memory lane and sum up the oh-so juicy aspects of Gossip Girl we will miss most…


Serena & Blair’s Friendship
S & B are the perf mix of sugar and spice…and everything nice. They totally get each other and, even through the balls and brawls, they are there to support like sistahs! After retail therapy, dinner at Butter, or drinks at Stylista, these posh queen bees always know how to do “BFFs” better than the rest!


The Chuck & Blair Love Affair

Raise your hand if season after season, you screamed, cried and delighted in the Chuck & Blair love affair! These evil upper east siders were always the perfect couple. In fact, their love/hate relationship was one of the things that made Gossip Girl sooooo addictive.


Jenny Humphrey’s Passion For Fashion

If there is one thing Gossip Girl taught all of you up and coming fashionistas, it’s to get out there and pursue your passion! We loved how Little J followed her fashion-forward dreams with chic internships, NYFW and even held her own guerilla fashion show. Jenny’s determination to succeed is totally cool.


The clothes!

Talk about trendsetters. We loved every bit of Blair and her clique’s preppy and posh picks. And we adored all of Serena’s snazzy, diva outfits. We so stood behind Little J’s rebel style, too. Not to mention Chuck and Nate were pretty on-trend themselves. Gossip Girl was packed to the max with amazing outfits…need we say more?


The Gossip Girl E-Blasts

This show wouldn’t be complete without the gossip, which left us on the edge of our seats every time someone logged on to their laptop or opened their phone. The anonymous gossip girl was always sending out shocking, controversial and totally cray cray blasts, giving away all of the upper east siders’ secrets and scandals. Does it get any juicier than that?!


Are you a loyal Gossip Girl fan? Share your fave moments of the show in the comments below. And don’t forget to tune into the series finale tomorrow night!



Girls’ Life

BY ANNIE ROBINSON ON 12/16/2012 12:00:00 AM


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