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Your beauty survival kit for the End of the World

It’s about time we stop tiptoeing around the real problem about the impending doomsday—what are we going to do with all of our makeup? It doesn’t make much sense to lug around a huge tote full of endless shadows and lipsticks, and even as painful as this is going to be, it’s time to trim our supplies down to something a li'l more reasonable. It’s gonna be tough, but we’ve put together a list of must-have cosmetics for your life after the end of the world as we know it.  

  • 1lips.jpg

    Lighten up

    According to the description, this little gem was created to make applying lip gloss a breeze, but I think we all know the real reason for its existence. This built-in LED light-up lipgloss was designed to aid beauty babes everywhere in our fight against 2012. No power? No problem. Not only will we be able to efficiently apply our gloss, but we will also be able to use it as a makeshift flashlight in case the fam forgot to stock up on batteries. Score!


    Pure Illumination Lip Plumper w/ Light Applicator, $15, amazon.com

  • 2dry.jpg

    No drought

    Who knows what kind of crazy stuff is going to happen, so in the spirit of being prepared… and just in case running water becomes a thing of the past—stock up on dry shampoo. There’s nothing worse than greasy hair, and regardless of the perils that await us, we simply cannot afford to let the end of the world win the battle against perfect tresses. Keep the shine alive with dry shampoo and hey, did ya know dry shampoo could double as deodorant? Two-in-one!


    Tressemme Fresh Start Dry Shampoo, $6, walgreens.com

  • 3clippers.jpg

    Nifty nails

    Nail clippers are maybe the most overlooked cosmetic tools in our beauty drawer, but not anymore! Snag a cute pair like these Hello Kitty snippers and keep ’em handy—you’ll thank us later. They’ll keep your nails nice and polished so you won’t have to worry about dirt getting stuck there, plus they’ve got a whole bunch of other uses. Use them to help ya snip downed wires or to aid in an impromptu haircut when your bangs become a little too long to handle. Who knew versatility could come in such a tiny package?


    Hello Kitty Nail Clippers, $8, sephora.com

  • 4nail.jpg

    Insta mani

    The days of wet polish may be over. After all, who has time for a mani when the fate of the world is at stake?! Instead, grab some stick-on nail polish, or cute decorative nail stickers for a mani on the go. Isn’t it a fabulous feeling to know you won’t have to sacrifice those beautifully polished nails? Phew.


    Sally Hansen Nail Polish Strips, $10, ulta.com

  • 5nars.jpg

    Magic wand

    It’s time to get serious—we may only be able to take what we can carry in our mini travel bag. Freaking? Grab a 3-in-1 product like a universal color stick for lips, eyes and cheeks. Welcome to the world of multi-tasking, babe! With the ability to pump up your pout and give your cheeks a little extra somethin’ all with one product, you’ll have no need for those bulky plastic blush cases, or of course that endless supply of gloss you’ve been accumulating.


    NARS The Multiple 3-in-1 color, $40, sephora.com

  • 6gel.jpg

    Cute & clean

    Behold: the answer to all of your hygienic problems (well, almost…). Hand sanitizer may just be your new best friend. With the possibility of running water at a minimum, you’ll wanna stock up on anti-bacterial sanitizer to keep you as clean as possible. And, with all these amazing scents, you don’t have to smell like rubbing alcohol. Yay! There’s nothing like a cute scented hand sanitizer to make the end of the world seem a little less bleak.


    Anti-bacterial Sanitizing Hand Gel, $2, bathandbodyworks.com

  • SlideShowBanner.jpg

BY ALEXIS GAVRELIS ON 12/20/2012 12:00:00 AM

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