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12 manis to rock when the world ends

Today's the last day of the Mayan calendar, and we've got R.E.M.'s "End of the World" on loop. Never fret. GL HQ has been prepping for the End of Days in style. We’ve dished out the glammest get-up, the best beauty arsenal and now the finishing touch: nail art to keep you busy in the post-apocalyptic world (or in reality, during winter break). I rounded up the best—and most useful—manis from Pinterest. Plus, I even included my own tutorial to beckon the end of times. And I feel fine. 
Editor's Note: Yes, we realize that the Mayans probably didn't double-check their number-crunching. This is all in good fun. So, sit back and enjoy the splendors of nail art.


Snack stash

Sorry, Twinkies. Sure, you might be the bunker grub of choice, but I’m stocking up on other sweets for the End of Days. Fingers crossed my supply won’t run out.


Source: nailcrazyyouknowit.tumblr.com via Savannah Hieronymus on Pinterest


You glow, girl

Lights out? No prob. Your cell phone’s battery can only last so long, so why not deck your digits in glow bright neons to show the way? Brilliant!


Source: photorenren.com via Jamala Jones on Pinterest


GPS at your fingertips

Well, the OG GPS: maps. Worry no more that you’ll lose your way. Get where you’re going without wasting a half hour just trying to fold the map back up again.


Source: nailcrazyyouknowit.tumblr.com via Lorilei B on Pinterest


Intimidating tips

Whoa, talk about fierce! It’s going to be a dog-eat-dog world if the Mayans were right. Claw your way to the top with these ferocious fingertips.


Source: theillustratednail.tumblr.com via pinmarklet on Pinterest


Punk patterns

Nothing says “predators beware” quite like spikes. Didn’t stock up on the trend while ya could? These tough tips should do the trick.

Source: chloesnails.blogspot.com via Patti Ribeiro on Pinterest


Stud your ground

Let’s up the fierce factor with 3D studs. Who said nail art was too dainty to ward off shady characters?


Source: nailasaurus.blogspot.com via Kelsey Haywood on Pinterest


Homemade shades

Odds are new hues won’t be as readily available in the post-apocalyptic world. Easy solution: making a custom color with your makeup stash.


Source: nevertoomuchglitter.wordpress.com via Kayla Madden on Pinterest


Nail art fit for a museum

You can bet museums will be closed, too. Keep your favorite works of art close to your heart, err, fingers.

Source: beautylish.com via Olivia k on Pinterest


Runway reminiscing

Yup, same goes for wearable works of art. Bring your fave trends with you while NYFW is put on hold. Fall ’13 shows cancelled? Never! Fashion always prevails.


Source: refinery29.com via Asha McGee on Pinterest


Lessons in geometry

Admit it: You’d be bored if school were cancelled forever. Brush up on your math smarts with lines, triangles and grids galore.


Source: blog.birchbox.com via Erica Eddleman on Pinterest


Go with glitter

There is never a bad time to wear glitter. What? There just isn’t. The End of Times is kinda like the end of the year, so just amp up your NYE glitz.


Source: steffels.blogspot.com via Angela Wood on Pinterest


Mayan mani

And now the finishing touch. In honor of the Mayan prophecy, I whipped up a tribal mani tutorial. Truthfully, I would have preferred to paint the actual calendar on my tips, but that requires a magnifying glass, an art degree and an extra thousand years just to finish it. Besides, this print was seen practically everywhere this year, so why not send off the world with the year’s best print?


•    Clear coat

•    Base coat (preferably light)

•    3 colors (or more, if you’re bold)

    Thin paintbrush, nail pens or toothpick



1.     Paint your base.
2.     Draw two thin horizontal lines at the bottom of your nail. These help create the geometric pattern we’re going for.
3.     Draw hashlines, dots or zig-zags between the lines.
4.     Continue your design by going up the nails. Pick whichever pattern and colors you want to keep it looking fresh.
5.     Add a clear coat, and voila!


Need more nail art to keep you busy while the world ends? We’ve got lots—and I mean lots—of tutorials right here.


Which mani are you rocking out when the world ends? Blog about it, babes.

BY KARMEN FOX ON 12/21/2012 12:01:00 AM

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