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6 mistakes you shouldn't make during a makeout sesh

Can’t seem to shake the kissing nerves? No worries, we’ve all been there. Whether you’re stressin’ because you have yet to lock lips with your ah-dorable crush, or you think you might be makin’ a few mistakes with your current BF, GL asked guys what not to do when it comes to kissing. Read on
and take a deep breath—it isn’t as daunting as it seems.


His Answer: “Too much tongue. There is nothing worse than having to wipe your mouth after a kiss.” Walker E., 17


Decoded: Slobbery kisses aren’t exactly romantic.


Your Move: Change up your kissing routine! You don’t have to always use tongue. Switch it up and give him cute little pecks the lips—it’ll surprise him and cut down on the slobber.


His Answer: “Being nervous! We’re probably just as nervous as you are, plus it’s best to just let the kiss come naturally.” —Ben M., 15


Decoded: Being nervous is completely normal. He’s freaking just as much as you are!


Your Move: Instead of focusing on the nerves, think about how much you like the cutie you’re kissing. Don’t think so much about the “science” of it all, instead let it come naturally and trust us, it will!


His Answer: “Keeping your arms awkwardly at your side. Put them around my neck or something. It just makes me feel like you aren’t into it if you don’t.” —Josh R., 15


Decoded: Let him know you’re into it! He’s wondering what you’re thinking, too.


Your Move: Drape your hands around the back of his neck or wrap your arms around him like a hug. It’ll make you feel closer and he’ll know he isn’t totally messing up (after all, guys get nervous too!).


His Answer: “A girl’s breath probably isn’t as bad as she might think it is, but it never hurts to keep an extra stash of gum in that bottomless purse you all carry around, right?” —Hunter K., 16


Decoded: You probably don’t need the gum as much as you think you do, but it never hurts.


Your Move: Keep a travel size mouthwash in your bag or your fav pack of minty-fresh gum. It never hurts to be prepared! Plus you can offer one to your crush if you think he needs a li’l freshening up.


His Answer: “Being stiff. If you like me, kiss me like you like me. If you do, then everything else will fall into place. No worries.” —Patrick E. 16


Decoded: He’ll lead, but he wants to know that you want the kiss as much as he does.


Your Move: Don’t stay sitting in one spot. Move your hands through his hair, or maybe up and down his shoulder. Small little movements let him know you’re into it just as much as he is.


His Answer: “Constant tongue-to-tongue contact. Mix it up a little. That’s always nice.” —Drew S. 17


Decoded: We need to come up from air at some point.


Your Move: Change it up! Small pecks leave time to catch your breath because sometimes when ya get caught up in the moment it’s easy to forget to take a deep breath. By changing it up with different kisses, you’ll keep him interested and your lungs will thank you for it!

BY ALEXIS GAVRELIS ON 12/21/2012 11:00:00 AM

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