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5 things we wanna see happen on Pretty Little Liars

Pretty. Little. Liars. It goes without saying—this murder mystery-infused teen drama is kinda one of the best shows (possibly ever!). The clothing (eep, can we steal their wardrobes?), the couples (they all seems so perfect!) and the scandals (we are always on the edge of our seats) have us pretty much 100 percent addicted to this TV show.


Aria, Emily, Hannah and Spencer have been questing for the answers to their biggest Qs since queen bee BFF Allie vanished mysteriously one summer. And as the PLL lovers we are, we have some questions of our own—ones we would like to see cleared up during part 2 of season 3. Read these before the big return tomorrow night, Jan. 8, at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family.


We Wanna See: If Allie Is Still Alive…
Blonde bombshell Allie DiLaurentis makes appearances constantly in the form of chilling flashbacks on PLL, but those haunting “A” messages and recent clues that this mean girl might not be so dead (cough, cough that last Halloween ep?) have us wondering if Allie is still alive! Could she have escaped her dirty grave in one piece? Is she hiding out with a fave new hottie? We’re filled with Qs and ready for some As!


We Wanna See: What’s Up With Ezria…

Is it just us or has Ezra been throwing up some pretty major red flags recently? He’s got a secret son, he never seems to have time for Aria, and somehow always magically appears to see if Aria is OK after a cray cray murder (yep, we’re talking about how he just so happened to pop up on the Halloween Train last episode after Garret was pronounced dead). Ezra’s looking kinda suspect and we’re wondering if he’s on the A team.


We Wanna See: If Toby Is Playing Double Agent….

After we saw Toby in cahoots with none other than Mona in season 3’s summer episodes, we’ve been freaking out. Toby is beyond loyal and so sweet to Spence…he would never betray her! We’re kinda thinking he’s playing double agent (get all the A info and share with the girls to keep ‘em safe?). It’s a romantic notion and we’re keeping the fingers crossed its true.


We Wanna See: Where In The World Lucas Went…

Lucas was always that shy, nerdy guy up until season 3 when he started visiting Mona at her nut house and began acting very weird. We wanna know what Lucas has been up to and why he went to go visit miss Mona so many episodes ago. After all, Lucas and Hannah used to be tight! We’re counting on Hannah to do some reconnaissance and spill it on Lucas’s 4-1-1. 


We Wanna See: What Else Mona Has Up Her Sleeve…

The A Team has been uber busy delivering notes, murdering people and making mysteries. We’re totes skeptical that Mona has been orchestrating all this craziness from her hospital bed. We know she’s got helpers (Toby? Maybe Ezra? Who else?), but we wanna see her open up a li’l bit on who exactly is involved in her creepy crew.


What crazy stuff do you wanna see cleared up on part 2 of Pretty Little Liars’ season 3? Tune in to ABC Family tomorrow night and let the lying, secrets and scandal begin! Leave a comment bellow to let us know if you’ll be watching…

BY ANNIE ROBINSON ON 1/7/2013 9:00:00 AM


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