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Secret signals! Body language cues give away what he's really thinking

Sitting on the back porch, holding a daisy and picking off petals while whispering “He loves me, he loves me not,” is not the most accurate way to find out if a guy really likes you. Sigh, unfortunately. Instead, we have to do some work to find out if he’s really into you. The good news is that guys actually make this a little bit easier for us through their body language (phew!). So when you’re chatting with that cutie after school, keep in mind a few of these key signals to tell if he’s into you too:  


“Open Face”
Your cutie’s friendly face is your number one go to when you want to know what he’s thinking. Raised eyebrows, flared nostrils, and open lips are signs that he is into you too. He probably doesn’t even know that he is doing it, but when you’re near he is “programmed” to react like this. Kind of like a knee jerk reaction.
Standing up straight
Guys subconsciously want to seem taller, stronger, and more confident when they’re around their crush. Check to see how he is standing- are his feet shoulder width apart? Are his shoulders back? Do his muscles (swoon) look like they’re slightly flexed? Always watch to see if he is standing up straight when he’s near.
Face to face
Pay attention to where his body is facing. If his body is pointed more towards you, then he is aware of you and genuinely likes you. Hands, shoulders, knees and hips are specific points that you should check the positioning of. Remember, hips don’t lie.
Keeps in contact
The closer he is to you, the better (for you and him). Leaning in when you’re talking isn’t just so he can hear you better, but so he can get a little closer. If you’re in a big crowd, he might touch your lower back or hand, too.
Mirror effect
Ever notice that you and your crush lean back at the same time or sip a glass of water? It might not be as coincidental as you think. Studies have shown that when someone is attracted to you, they will automatically mimic your movements and respond to what you’re doing. So if you’re giggling at a joke your friend just made, glance over to see if he is smiling on the other side of the room. And if you’re starting to lean forward, check to see if he readjusts his position around you.  

BY HANNAH HICKLEN ON 1/19/2013 12:00:00 AM

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