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4 ridiculous things schools told girls this week

Ridic thing #1: Big boobs? Time for breast reduction surgery, sweetie
Gabrielle Jackson, 13, has been bullied since earlier this year by her peers. Why? Because she has big breasts. Instead of addressing the issue—other students—the school told her mom that she can either be transferred to another school or she could get breast reduction surgery. Yeah, that’s the right message to send to sixth graders across the nation that are already not feeling 100 percent secure in their changing bodies.

Ridic thing #2: Blue hair? Go home!

A Colorado school told Aril Davila, who is in middle school, that she had to go straight home after she arrived for class Monday morning. Why? Because she had died her hair blue over the weekend. Apparently, the school’s dress code prohibits students from dying their hair “unnaturally red or blue,” Huffington Post reports, because of the affiliation these colors have with local gangs. Earlier this year, another girl was suspended from her South Carolina school because she died her hair pink…to support breast cancer awareness. Yep. Hair color is what we should totally be focusing on.


Ridic thing #3: We’re taking your bubble gun threat seriously, little kindergartener

So, we mentioned the laughable case of the 5-year-old and her Hello Kitty bubble gun earlier, but we’re still totally baffled by the school’s response. After the little girl told her classmate that she’d shoot her, then herself, with the bubble gun, the school suspended the girl for 10 days after questioning her for three hours. We’re pretty sure that questioning went over just as well as Vogue editor Andre Leon Talley’s attempt to get Beasts of the Southern Wild star Quvenzhane Wallis to talk fashion (watch that adorable moment below).

Ridic thing #4: Paper gun? You could go to jail!
Melody Valentin (whose name we adore, incidentally) is a fifth-grader in Philadelphia. She was at school when she reached into her pocket and discovered a paper "gun" (just a piece of paper with a square torn out of one corner to kinda-sorta resemble a firearm) in her pocket that her grandfather had made. She went to throw it away, and apparently a classmate saw her and reported it. School officials scolded and searched her, and told her that she could be arrested. And then her peers started taunting her, calling her a murderer.


Which one gets your vote for Most Ridiculous Thing of the Week? Tell us in the comments!

BY BRITTANY TAYLOR ON 1/25/2013 12:00:00 AM


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