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Sleep like a zombie slumber party

Warm Bodies is takin’ the box office by storm! This weekend, make a date to see the flick…and grab your friends (dead or alive) for an apocalyptic experience to remember.



Make dead

Form a hairstyle line so your friends can tease each other’s tresses for a fun zombie effect. Brush baby powder onto your face and add gray eye shadow above and below your eyes to turn into the real living dead. Have your ‘rents do a photo shoot of you and your BFFs in your best zombie poses. There’ll def be some photos to remember!


Race for your life

Create a course through your house for a zombie race leading up to the dinner table. Hold out your arms and drag one leg because this is one slow-mo track. Winner gets to dig in first!


Get hungry

Serve foods with body-part labels like spaghetti (brains) and grapes (eyeballs). And don’t forget the Jello (guts) for dessert! Artichoke hearts and chicken fingers also make for funny zombie snacks.


Zombie Talk

Circle up and try to communicate in only grunts like R does in Warm Bodies. The one to last the longest in zombie land without laughing or speaking a real word wins.



Decorate the bathroom mirrors with dry-erase markers (they wipe off with water). Form melting hearts that ooze with blood and your best take on a zombie body. Your guests will be shocked when they look up at the glass!


Survival favors

The Zombie Survival Guide is in stock at most book stores, but if ya can’t pick up a copy for each of your friends, make the party favor even more creative with a list of your own tips. Drip red paint over the guide sheet for a cool blood effect.


What zombie tricks are you gonna try? And who’s psyched for Warm Bodies? We want to know!


BY CAROLINE CASSARD ON 2/3/2013 12:00:00 AM


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