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6 TV bad boys we sorta wanna spend V-Day with

Oh, bad boys, how can we resist them? They’re no good for us, but sometimes we can’t help but daydream about being with them. Bad boys have been on our mind a lot now that Valentine’s Day is creeping closer, and we were thinkin’, wouldn’t it be nice to share a smooch with a leather-jacket-wearing hottie this Feb. 14? Read on to see our top bad boy picks for this year’s Day o’ Love.


  • 1Puck.jpg

    Noah Puckerman

    You might know him better as Puck, the über bad boy from Glee. Played by Mark Salling, Puck is pretty much everything you’d want in a bad boy. Sure, he can be a bully, but we know it’s only because he’s sorting through his own issues. That’s one of the best things about bad boys, they’ve usually got an oh-so-sweet sensitive side that we girls can’t help but want to cuddle with! Who would we be to say no to a night at Breadstix and a heart-to-heart convo?

  • 2Damon.jpg

    Damon Salvatore

    If you watch Vampire Diaries, you’re probably just as torn as we are between the Salvatore brothers. They’ve both got mysterious and troubled pasts, which is a bad boy trademark, but Damon’s got those mischievous tendencies that just make us want to reach through the screen and thump him playfully on the back of the head. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that Ian Somerhalder is a mega-hottie. Pale blue eyes and chiseled jaw line? Yes, please.

  • 3Caleb.jpg

    Caleb Rivers

    Talk about a troubled past! Pretty Little Liars bad boy Caleb (played by Tyler Blackburn) was given up as a baby by his birth mother, and has lived a life in and out of crime since then. From hacking cell phones to spying on his girlfriend, Caleb can’t resist the bad boy lifestyle. But, hey, he apologized to Hanna for spying and that’s what matters in our book. If we spent V-Day with Caleb, we’d just have to make sure he didn’t have any ulterior motives…who knows, maybe Jenna wants the dirt on us, too!

  • 4Ricky.jpg
    Ricky Underwood

    This Secret Life bad boy is less troubled past, more modern-day punk. Unlike a lot of the other bad boys in this post, Ricky is a bit too bad for us. He wrongs his girlfriends, cheats, is reckless, and has respect for absolutely no one. We know he tried to right his wrongs by attempting honest relationships, but it never seemed to work in his favor. While Ricky may not be our ideal dream date, at least we’d have some fun with the laid-back character. We’re just thankful the actor behind Ricky, Daren Kagasoff, is much sweeter than his on-screen character.

  • 5Derek.jpg

    Derek Hale

    Dark past? Check. This Teen Wolf cutie (played by Tyler Hoechlin) had most of his family die in a tragic house fire. Then, he had to avenge his sister’s death…which meant killing his uncle, the alpha male. Confidence and power? Double-check. After killing his uncle, Derek is the new alpha of the pack. He’s smart and a good leader, making him the perf candidate for a bad boy V-Day date.

  • 6Chuck.jpg

    Chuck Bass

    No V-Day dream date list is complete without the King of bad boys, Gossip Girl’s Chuck Bass. With all the family drama, anyone can understand why Chuck is more than just a little bit messed up when it comes to relationships. But he’s a complete romantic, which totally sweeps us off our feet. How could anyone forget him (finally!) declaring his love for Blair Waldorf? Sigh.

  • SlideShowBanner.jpg


If you could spend V-Day with any TV bad boy, who would it be and why? Sound off in the comments below.

BY KATIE LEMON ON 2/8/2013 12:00:00 AM

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