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12 do's and don'ts to win over your crush for V-Day

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and you’ve got your eye on a certain cutie this season. But how are you gonna win him over by the 14th? To get him in your arms by V-Day, read our 12 helpful tips below.
DON’T play coy: If you want to get on a certain dude’s radar, he’s going to have to notice you first. If you pretend to ignore him, how will he ever get to know you?

DO flirt with your eyes: Show your interest by keeping eye contact for a sec or two and smiling before looking away. You’ll catch his interest and he’ll be intrigued.


DON’T overwhelm him: If you come on too strong by getting up in his face and wrapping your arms around him all class period long, he’s going to be confused and maybe even a bit scared. Desperation won’t win any crush over!

DO take it easy: You want to show your interest without being too crazy-in-love because some guys get freaked out by lots of affection from girls they aren’t dating. Brush against his shoulder, put your hand on his briefly…use little signs to show you care.


DON’T hate on love: If playing the moody card is your game plan, prepare to lose this round. Getting into the whole “anti V-Day party” scene is going to send him the wrong message.

DO hint at not having a valentine: Casually bring up the holiday when you two are talking, and mention that you’re swingin’ it single this year. You don’t have to act upset or excited about this prospect. Just mention it so he knows, then let it go.


DON’T stalk his social media: Sometimes it can be super-tempting to read up on all his interests on Facebook and retweet every 140-character post he puts up, but the lesson here is hands off! It can be super creepy for him to get all of those notifications.

DO make him think of you: If you really want to take the convo to the virtual world, that’s fine. Just remember to make your main way of contact F2F, and try to be the first to leave the convo. By telling him you have to go before he does, he’ll realize he doesn’t want you to go.


DON’T let him rule the world: So you def wanna be with this guy by V-Day, but there’s no reason to let him command every convo and interaction you have. By letting him walk over you, he probably won’t take you seriously.

DO take charge: You’re the one showing interest, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to take the conversation where you want it to go. Talk about what you like and your passions, and he’ll realize just how cool you are. But make sure to maintain a balance and ask him questions about him as well!


DON’T attack with candy: When V-Day finally comes, you don’t want to overwhelm him with a dozen red roses and gooey love poems.
DO be casual and sweet: Wish him a happy V-Day and give him a kind card. It will show that you’re interested without putting him on the spot.
By now that sweetie should be your Valentine. Still a no-go? Try the no-games method: just ask him. Mention that you don’t have a Valentine, and ask him if he’d like to fill that spot. If he’s a decent guy. He’ll probably accept your kind offer.


And if not? Smile and wave buh-bye. At this rate he’s probs not worth your time. So find your gals and don’t let him get ya down. Boys come and go, but your girls are forever!


What are your plans for Valentines Day? Blog about it, babes.

BY KATIE LEMON ON 2/9/2013 9:00:00 AM

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