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5 Valentine's date ideas guys will heart too

It's time to put away the doilies, candy hearts, teacups and glitter. Get ready to plan a sweet (but not too sweet) date that you and your guy will both love. How do you make sure to have a cute, but not sappy, V-Day? Never fear, our boy-approved date guide is here. Check out our 5 fab date ideas and have your best V-Day yet. 

Movie time
Instead of opting for the traditional Valentine's rom-com, branch out and see something different, like an adventure film. Find a movie you and your date both want to see. Bring some V-Day movie treats and you're on your way to a sweet, successful outing. Worried about paying for tix? Rent a movie instead and see if you can snag the living room couch at your house or his. And don't forget that V-Day candy.

Snap, crackle, pop
Enlist your guy's help to make a delish batch of Rice Krispie treats. It's super fun and easy. All you need is crisped rice cereal, a bag of marshmallows, margarine, a big bowl, a brownie dish and a microwave. Look for recipe instructions on the box of cereal or the bag of marshmallows. Put on some pink V-Day inspired sprinkles for a finishing touch. Sample the treats before it's cooled completely and get your hands all gooey. This is surely a recipe for a date you'll both heart.

Take a hike
Sure, it's February and it's a little chilly, but grab your cutest scarf and mittens and head out for a little nature hike. Your date will love the V-Day trail mix you bring (just add pink and red M&M's to your fave dried fruits and nuts) and you'll enjoy a breath of fresh air with your cutie. If the nearest National Park seems a bit too ambitious, try your local arboretum or even just a trail at the park. Oh, and don't forget to stay close and hold hands. It'll keep you both warmer. 

Kissin' cam stars
Hit up a basketball game with your valentine. High school, college and pro games can all be a blast. Get decked out to support your fave team. Make it date night by grabbing a quick din before or after.  Who says V-Day can't be fun, sporty and casual? Bring along some heart-shaped cookies for a halftime snack. No matter what happens at the game, you'll surely come out a date-night-winner.

Bowling with the crew
Does just thinking about a one-on-one date make your heart skip a beat, and not in a good way? Relax and take the pressure off with a group hangout sesh. Invite a bunch of friends to go bowling with you and your V-Day date. Make simple invites/ reminders by cutting hearts out of construction paper and create an insta-party at the lanes when you bring out a batch of pretty, homemade cupcakes. Get your flirt on in a group setting and celebrate the day surrounded by lots of friends you love.

BY KARIN ELWOOD ON 2/10/2013 9:00:00 AM

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