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Trends we heart: White is so hot right now

Assigning seasons to fashion may have once been en vogue, but we’re def ready to pull all things white out of hibernation. Need a way to make the neutral palette pop? We’ve got four great ways to incorporate winter white into your wardrobe. Just think of it as the perfect blank slate to make your style mark.

  • 1Wvestedinterest.jpg

    Vested interest

    Balance a cropped white sweater and a worn-in white vest with a pair of oxblood skinnies. Crisp kicks with printed paneling anchor the look. Pull it all together with a neutral bag and similar exotic pattern (try python).


    H&M Jumper, $24, hm.com

    ASOS Skinny Jeans in Oxblood #4, $50, asos.com

    Punk Pleated Biker Vest with Zips, $53, chicnova.com

    H&M Shoes $24, hm.com

    Reptile Rookie Grey Snakeskin Clutch, $33, lulus.com

  • 2Wwhitewash.jpg

    White wash

    One surefire way to work the trend? Go head-to-toe. Pair an oversized silky blouse with white skinny jeans, and take it to the next level with accessories that call on one bold hue. Electric blue quickly raises the temperature of an icy white look.


    Blouse, $20, hm.com

    Skinny Low Jeans, $30, hm.com

    Asos Horse Detail Purse, $16, asos.com

    H&M Court Shoes, $24, hm.com

    MFP for Urban Outfitters Rhinestone-Wrapped Necklace, $20, urbanoutfitters.com

  • 3Wwhitelight.jpg

    White light

    Let’s lighten up: In a sea of dreary grays and inky blacks, let an unexpected shade steal the show. The icing on the cake? Embellished white-hot accessories. 


    Jacket, $47, hm.com

    Dress, $39, hm.com

    Shoes, $9, urbanoutfitters.com

    Necklace, $20, urbanoutfitters.com

    Belt, $9, forever21.com

    Bag, $24, hm.com

  • 4Wtextstyle.jpg


    Play with texture. Romantic white lace meets the ornate sequin, dressing up your favorite tee (extra credit if the tee has texture, like boucle, shown here!). Play into the drama with accessories in a soft, feminine hue. Temper the sweet with a touch of metallic.


    Skirt, $40, shopruche.com

    Tee, $50, topshop.com

    Shoes, $39, shopruche.com

    Clutch, $38, lulus.com

    Necklace, $13, hm.com
  • SlideShowBanner.jpg

BY KARA DEPAOLA ON 2/16/2013 12:00:00 AM

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