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7 things to say (and do) to keep your parents from worrying about you

Life is way, way easier when Mom and Dad aren’t constantly hounding you about one of their totally off-base ideas about who you’re hanging out with, what you’re doing and how you’re handling life in general. Here are seven so-simple ways to clue them in…and keep ‘em from worrying too much about their favorite daughter


“Hey, Mom? Do you have a second to help me with this school problem?”

Even if your mama forgot her trig seconds after taking the final exam way back when, she’ll be thrilled that you want her to help you out. Bonus? It shows that you’re applying yourself to your schoolwork, which’ll probably earn ya major credit.


Text: “Got my big math test back—100%!” or “I got the part!” after school play roles are posted

Your parents are dying to share in the important moments in your life, whether they’re huge, like getting into the All State Choir, or small, like acing a pop quiz. Let them be the first ones you share the news with—trust us, they’ll treasure it.


“Hi, Daddy! Just wanted to call and say ‘hi.’”

Yeah, M&D are used to you picking up the phone when you need a ride or want to stay over at a bud’s house. But just to say hello? Just ‘cause you’re thinking of them? Now that’s sure to warm their hearts.


Post-It on the fridge: “Just wanted to remind you that I’m staying after school to work on a science project. Love ya!”

Who cares if Mom’s the elephant that never forgets? Reminding her of your schedule will help her remember that you’re responsible, mature and always in the loop.


“I know you think I’m too young to date, but this guy said something weird to me and I really need to talk about it. Do you have a few minutes?”

Spilling what’s troubling you—even if you know they won’t approve that you’re, say, flirting with a high school senior or discussing drugs with a friend of a friend—will show your parents that even if you’re doing stuff they don’t like, that doesn’t mean you’re going to hide it from them. That breeds trust and respect.


During dinner: “So, in history today, Mrs. Davidson started telling us all about the draft for Vietnam, and it got me thinking…”

Bringing up serious subjects and asking your parents for their input will make you seem older than your age…sort of like a mini grown-up who they can trust to do grown-up things (like, say, meeting your buds at the mall).


Text: “Got to the movies in one piece. Promise not to eat too much popcorn xox”

Chances are, they didn’t think you’d be kidnapped while you’re in the car with your bestie, her bro and her chauffeur—er, her mom. But hey, it takes 10 seconds to let ‘em know you arrived safely. So, why not?


BY BRITTANY TAYLOR ON 3/21/2013 12:00:00 AM


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