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I'm only 13--why did my breasts stop growing?

I’m 13 and I started developing breasts recently. It seems like they’ve stopped growing, but my BFF, who’s 11, already has bigger breasts than me. Should I worry?



So not a sitch to stress over! Everyone’s body develops on its own schedule, so you can’t compare yourself to your BFF, especially when it comes to the size of your chest, which is really up to genetics, kinda like your height and the color of your hair. Most likely your breast haven’t stopped growing, they’re just taking their sweet time to get to their final size (which might not happen until you’re in college!). So for now, just have plenty of patience and know that your chest will eventually get to where it’s going.

BY AMANDA FORR ON 3/15/2013 12:00:00 AM


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