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What not to wear on a first date

So your crush finally got up the nerve to ask you out, and the big first date is right around the corner. Sure, we know first dates can be freaky—there’s a ton to think about!—but the biggest dilemma has to be what a girl’s gonna wear. Our tip? You wanna look cute and fun, but it’s also important to feel comfy and confident in your clothes. We’re sharing six wardrobe sitches to steer clear of when planning your first date outfit. Phew!


#1: Nix the heavy perfume

A faboo fragrance makes any girl feel totally flirty, but spray on a little too much of the scented stuff and you’re basically turning yourself into a walking stink bomb (eek!). To avoid perfume overdose, spritz a tiny bit of your signature scent onto your wrists and leave it at that. We get that it’s fun to spray your products and dance around in the mist, but for a first date a strong scent can be a bit overwhelming.


#2: When in doubt, wear jeans

First dates are tonsa fun, but you really need to think about where you’re going and pick a practical outfit based on the venue. Don’t get too excited playing dress-up and waltz outta the house in a tulle gown and 6-inch heels! Trust us, there is a time and a place for formal attire (cough, Prom, cough) but a first date is so not the time to flaunt  your red-carpet finesse. We always resort to dark skinny jeans and a pretty top for an anything-goes, casual vibe.


#3: Steer clear of anything too revealing

One thing you don’t want a guy to take away from a first date? The wrong impression! Avoid anything overly revealing (loose bra straps, sheer tops, low-cut blouses or too-short skirts) or anything that is too mature for your age. You want to feel and look comfortable and age-appropriate in your clothing. Who wants to be tugging at their strapless all night?


#4: Leave your fave Bieber shirt at home

Sure. every girl has a celeb crush (and a lucky T-shirt with your cutie’s face on it), but you don’t wanna intimidate your real-life boyfriend by advertising to him you’re head-over-heels into Hollywood hotties whom he can’t compete with. It may sound cray, but guys get insecure, too. Don’t worry him by indirectly inferring you’re lovesick over a certain someone whose name starts with “Harry” and ends with “Styles.”  Give him a shot to show he’s just as crush-worthy as any celeb.


#5: Beware of going too casual

Sweatpants. Baseball Caps. Sneakers. Unless your first date involves a tennis match or a jog, there is absolutely no excuse for wearing your old sport clothes on a date. There is nothing wrong with trying to look nice for your guy, so have fun picking a fun outfit that makes you feel amazing and not like you just rolled out of bed.


#6: Don’t max out on the makeup

You know when you put on too much foundation and you look like a giant pancake flopped onto your face? Yeah, not a great first date look. Don’t feel the need to overdo your first-date beauty. Keep it natural and light (a bit of tinted moisturizer, lipgloss and mascara is all you need!). Trust us when we say less really is more, babes!


At the end of the day, the most important thing to remember when dressing for a first date is to just be Y-O-U and the fabulousness will shine through!

BY ANNIE ROBINSON ON 2/24/2013 12:00:00 AM

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